iPhone 5S

Thinking of getting a cheap and cheerful iPhone to keep you going for the next two years? If that's the case, why not splash the cash on the iPhone 5s? Providing the latest Apple software and a brilliant design, the 5s is one of the best phones ever released by Apple.

It's All Changing - 5s

Say hello to the iPhone 6s!

One of Apple's most widely recognised launches, the iPhone 5s was introduced back in September 2013 but is still a firm favourite among fans. Offering up the classic Apple brand look, the 5s might not pack the latest specs or boast the biggest screen, but it definitely does the job if you plan on saving some cash whilst still having a flagship device in your pocket.

Of course, with newer iPhones like the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus both on the market, you may be tempted to spend the extra cash, but if you like saving your cash, there really is no cheaper iPhone than the 5s.

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The iPhone 5s has been around for a good while now. But if you're still unsure about the details of the device, why not read our very own iPhone 5s features review below?

Stunning Design

What do you make of the iPhone 5s?

If there's one thing we've always loved about Apple it's the design of its handsets. Boasting a beautiful metallic trim and chassis, the iPhone 5s is arguably the best looking phone of its generation. It brings a smaller construction, which is ideal for any pocket, and is incredibly slim and easy to handle, making it a great all-round device.

What's more, the 5s is also surprisingly durable, with its metal build making it strong enough to handle plenty of bumps and scrapes that it might have to go through. In fact, the design of the 5s is so well-liked, Apple has re-introduced it on the iPhone 5se.

Touch ID is the best feature on the 5s

Touch ID

The stand out feature on the iPhone 5s without even the slightest doubt, the iPhone 5s brought Touch ID to the market with a real bang. Providing the first real taste of biometric technology, Touch ID is quick and simple to use on the 5s, allowing you to access your phone with ultimate security, without the need to recall a PIN at any point.

Whilst you don't get Apple Pay on the 5s, you can still make use of Touch ID when paying for apps through the Apple App store, making the feature very useful regardless of how security focused you happen to be.

iOS 9 features on the iPhone 5siOS 9

If you're worried about getting a phone without the latest operating system to play with, then you needn't fear getting your hands on the iPhone 5s. Offering the very latest Apple software, iOS 9 comes fully available for the 5s, meaning you'll get the same software as you would if you invested in the iPhone 6 or any newer handsets from Apple.

This means that you aren't left out in the cold with the new design of the system, nor do you have to wait for weeks and weeks to get further updates, with Apple launching new versions of the system on the same date for all handsets. 

Specs & new features

If you're more worried about specs than you are about its new features then why not take a look at some of the specs which feature on the iPhone 5s here?

  • Screen: 4.0"
  • Camera: MP
  • Battery: 1560 mAh
  • Operation System: iOS 9
  • Dimensions: 123.8mm x 58.6mm x 7.6mm
  • RAM: 1GB

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