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Renowned for it's quality Apple has had huge success with its range of iPhone handsets.

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About Apple

Founded in 1976, Apple has a celebrated history that includes creating the iPhone, the iPad and more recently the Apple Watch. The first iPhone launched in 2007 and its annual update and re-visioning has led us to the latest renditions, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are powered by the iOS 10 operating system and future updates to the operating systems are offered over-the-air and free-of-charge, a policy that has created superb brand loyalty.

The benefits of choosing an Apple iPhone includes access to the Apple App Store, which has millions of apps available for download. In its first year, 1 billion apps were downloaded and similar success has been achieved by the iTunes music store, which is largest music retailer in the world. Not sure whihc Apple smartphone you want or need, compare iPhones gives you all the latest models.

Apple devices are also supplied with the Siri virtual assistant, fixed memories and access to online storage through Apple’s iCloud service. Devices are secured with fingerprint authentication and Touch ID and the ‘Move to iOS app’ makes it easy to move contacts, bookmarks, messages, photos and videos over from an old phone.

Many of the first iPhone models remain available today and their value-pricing ensures that iPhone’s are accessible to all.

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The new iPhone 7 is here! Check it out now, or take a look at all upcoming mobile phones of 2016.