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About Alcatel

Alcatel is one of the largest electronics companies in the world, operating in more than 160 countries. Alcatel is a brand within TCL Communication and they created their first mobile phone almost two decades ago in 1998.

The OneTouch series of phones includes the Pop, Idol and Pixi variants, each of which is targeted at different segments of the market. This variety, choice and flexibility gives consumers the choice between colourful budget pay-as-you-go phones, like the Pixi 3, budget contract phones, like the Pop C1 and luxury feature-rich high-performance monthly contract smartphones, like the Idol 3.

Our Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 review, highlighted Alcatel’s first 100% reversible smartphone, designed with a premium brushed metallic body. Alcatel mobile phones have been created to run on popular operating systems, such as Google’s Android OS and Microsoft’s Windows OS.

Alcatel smartphone deals can be found and connected on the UK’s biggest networks such as TalkMobile and EE, as well as on lesser well-known virtual networks, such as PG Mobile.