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Launched in 2003, the Three network (formerly known as 3), was created around the newly issued 3G licences and focused on 3G internet phones with low cost price plans, gaining a large following of technology hungry consumers. Three quickly followed up their initial success by working closely with a selection of mobile phone manufacturers to launch a range of self-branded 3G mobile phones. Optimised Web browsers and enhanced video-calling capabilities were both part of the success story of the Three network.   
Three also integrated the Skype VoIP service into their next generation of phones and this gave mobile phone users the same benefits enjoyed by PC and laptop users. Combined with other popular services Three stretched its reach deeper into the market and developed its reputation as one of the UK’s major mobile phone networks. Demand was further driven by the success of including social network services such as Facebook and Twitter into Three handsets and this was the major drive of the popular INQ series of phones.   
The easy to use interface between Facebook and Three added to the overall web browsing experience and today Three has kept its focus on providing the latest innovations with great value price plans. Often leading the way, Three has a great selection of services and mobile phone handsets to choose from and here you can compare both the price plans and handsets available on Three today.   
If browsing the web and using Skype and Facebook are essentials in your daily life then the Three network will be great match for you. Although a smaller range of handsets may be available compared to the other big networks you will enjoy the benefit of having each mobile phone designed specifically to work on the Three network, offering a seamless joint between features and hardware. When you join the Three network you will be able to choose between a fantastic selection of value price plan that can include an overly generous amount of free usage for call, text and internet browsing.
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