The best phones you've never heard of

The best phones you've never heard of

With big mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung dominating the smartphone market, it is sometimes difficult to think that there might be more out there that could rival these big brands. Why not take a look at some of these alternative handsets by manufacturers that you’ve probably never heard of? After all, variety is the spice of life, so they say…

Xiaomi M2

This first suggestion comes from Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi, a major brand that poses as China’s biggest rival to Apple. In fact, in 2011, Xiaomi managed to sell out of its 100,000 inventory of its M1 model in just three hours, which beat the iPhone’s rate of sales of units sold in a single day.

Though you probably haven't heard of Xiaomi, the company’s M2 model has a spec that could rival any of the world’s leading mobile phone brands. The fun-looking handset has a sleek appearance and comes in a variety of colours including yellow, pink, blue and black. The model features a 1.5GHz processor which is remarkably higher than that of the Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5, and the phone’s 4.3 inch touch screen shows crystal clear images with a 720P display.

The M2 also features an 8 MP camera and a 2 MP front camera, demonstrating its superiority over many of the current phones that are popular in the UK. Its up-to-date Android Jelly Bean OS also means that you are not missing out on any features, apps or processor speeds, making this phone a really good alternative if you don’t want to follow the crowd, but need a device which delivers on performance.

Meizu MX 2

Another well-kept secret from China is the Meizu MX 2, which has a very smooth and stylish design. The MX 2 features a 4.4 inch screen of impeccable quality, boasting 347 ppi and a 1280 x 800 resolution, which outshines both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5.

The phone has an 8 MP back-illuminated camera, and features burst photography, allowing you to take multiple phones in a number of seconds.The model also offers HD recording, and allows you to take photographs at the same time as recording.  

Although the phone is an Android, its OS is a custom designed system based on Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich, called Flyme. As a result of this, users are able to access Meizu’s very own app store which really makes this model stand out as unique.

You won’t stand alone in buying into the Meizu revolution, either, as the company has approximately 40,000 English-speaking fans.

ZTE Grand Era U895

The ZTE Grand Era is yet another Chinese phone that I’m sure you haven’t heard of. With a slightly larger screen than the two models above, the Grand Era offers a fantastic high quality smartphone with great pixel resolution.

The phone has a fast quad-core processor, and at 1.5 GHz, it rises above most popular smartphones made by Nokia, Samsung and Apple. It also uses the latest Android operating system, which means that you won’t be left behind any of the more popular models on the British market.

Pantech Vega R3

This Pantech Vega was only released in October this year, and is one of the few models which currently support 4G services.

Its 5.3 inch display is large enough to be compared to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which has proven to be a real hit in the UK market. Its 277 ppi pixel density, which is larger than the Note 2, displaying a superior quality screen resolution.

The Pantech is another secret from Asia, and the South Korean manufacturer has wowed with installing a 13 MP rear facing camera and a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor.

For those of you who prefer a more sharp and stylish mobile phone which can outshine even the stiffest of competition, this may be for you.

Celkon A22

Celkon is our final example of the best phones you’ve never heard of, and this manufacturer comes straight from India. Looking sleek and shiny, the Celkon A22 features a 4.5 inch display and an 8 MP camera.

The feature that makes this handset stand out from the rest is its duel-SIM capabilities. This essentially allows the user to insert two separate SIM cards into the device with the ability to switch between the two without having to physically change the SIM. This is a great feature for those of you who have to lug around two phones, one for personal use and another for business.


After trawling through the tens of mobile phones with obscure features, or unusual names, here is our list of the best phones that you probably haven’t heard of.

With mobile phones increasingly becoming an accessory which we cannot do without, why follow the crowd in buying the same models as everyone else out there, just because they are popular? We have proved here that just because you haven’t heard of a manufacturer, it doesn’t mean that they’re no good. In fact, we have proved that in some cases, the brands unknown in the UK can even be bigger than globally recognised companies such as Apple.

And with most handsets being operated by Google’s Android operating system, there really is no excuse to push the boat out and experiment in unknown waters. With a guaranteed Google Play Store and familiar Android technology, it only makes good sense to choose a phone which offers more than those currently selling out on the British market. 

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