Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award 2014 News

Tuesday 8th July

Daniel Lau Named Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Winner!Daniel Lau Named Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year 2014

Written by Luke Hatfield

After a glitzy awards evening in London, the winner of the inaugural Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award was officially announced as Daniel Lau from Nottingham Trent University.

Lau, a third year student from the East Midlands institution wowed the judges with his Sero device, a round mobile phone which featured an incredible amount of detail.

He was awarded the £1000 prize by the team and the two judges; David Abramovitch and Grant Cleveland, whilst Nottingham Trent University also claim a £1000 prize fund.

Daniel had this to say about claiming the top spot:

“Well the award was a godsend for me because I didn’t have a project for my university degree. Because I love technology, this is kind of what I want to do in the future I had to seize it with both hands”.

“I put as much work and as much effort as I could in to it, primarily I just wanted to move away from the rectangular form factors, so I was just exploring different shapes and I came across the yoyo concept”.

Elizabeth Dodd, with her Baby Bond design, and Joel Mann, with his Smart Lock device picked up second and third place, each bagging themselves £500 each, whilst the other entrants; Michael Jones and Efstratios Aligizakis were both highly commended for their entries.

David Abramovitch, co-founder of and CEO of Shoreditch Grind, the location where the awards ceremony was held was part of the judging panel for the award and was thrilled with the event as a whole.

“It was amazing, I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the entries, the number of entries and it was really great to see people trying to solve real problems rather than just trying to invent the next consumer phone.

I think looking forward to next year we’re hoping to be bigger and better and I’m really excited”. would like to thank all the students who submitted entries to the award this year, and hope that students still in education next year would consider entering a second time when the award opens once again later on this year.

You can find Daniel’s winning entry here, whilst all the other finalists’ submissions can also be found here!

Tuesday 24th June

Young Mobile Phone Designer Finalists Announced!

Written by Luke Hatfield

After hours of deliberation and plenty of discussion, we’re thrilled to announce that our judges have named five finalists for our Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award!

All five will be invited to attend our London based awards ceremony, at Shoreditch grind, one of the premium venues in the heart of the capital, where a winner and two runners-up will be announced.

The event has been scheduled for Monday 7th July, with doors opening at 6pm, with more details to follow ahead of the much anticipated event.

The finalists who will be invited along to the ceremony besides their lecturers are:

Michael Jones from De Montfort University (DMU) with his mobile communication and gaming handset, Elizabeth Dodd from Northampton University with her Baby Bond device, Joel Mann from DMU with his mobile device, Daniel Lau from Nottingham Trent University with his Sero device and Efstratios Aligizakis, also from DMU with his Twist handset.

All five finalists will get a chance to network with mobile phone experts, all of the team, as well as discuss their entries with our judges and the other entrants.

The winner will claim a £1000 cash prize for themselves, as well as an extra £1000 for their University, whilst two runners-up will claim £500 cash prizes to finish off proceedings.

The evening promises to be one of the events of the year, giving students a huge chance to boost their CVs as well as gain invaluable advice from a collection of product design experts.

For more information about the Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award, be sure to check out our dedicated page here!

Monday 2nd June

Young Mobile Phone Designer Entries Closed, Finalists to be Announced!

Written by Luke Hatfield

We’ve been inundated with entries for our Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year award, and we’re happy to say that entries are now closed, giving our judges plenty to mull over.

The entries will be judged by co-founder David Abramovitch and product design expert Grant Cleveland, both of whom will use their joint expertise to pick out five finalists.

All five finalists will then be invited to our London-based awards ceremony, on Monday 7th July held at Shoreditch Grind, one of the premium London venues located in the heart of the Capital.

During the ceremony, finalists will have the chance to mingle with other entrants as well as getting the chance to chat and network with the judges, along with a selection of mobile phone experts and university lecturers from across the country.

The winner will be announced during the ceremony and will receive a £1000 cash prize, whilst their university will also claim a £1000 cash prize of their own. Also, two runners-up will claim £500 each to top off proceedings.

The finalists will be announced in due course, meaning that all entrants should keep an eye on their email inbox, as all shortlisted entries will be contacted over the coming weeks.

It promises to be one of the nights of the year without a doubt, so you should definitely keep your eyes and ears open as the date creeps ever closer!

For any more information about the Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award, check out our dedicated page right here.

Wednesday 14th May 

Award Deadline Looms: Just Two Weeks To Go!

By Charlotte KertrestelYoung Mobile Phone Designer of teh Year Award Deadline

How quickly have the past 4 months flown by?! We’re in the final stretch until entry closes for the first Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award. So if you haven’t got your designs in yet, what are you waiting for?

Once all entries are in, our panel of judges will identify the top five designs, who will have their work displayed on the website for the remainder of the competition.

Take a look at the Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award judges here.

So if you want to be in with a chance of winning a £1000 cash prize, make sure you get in there before May 31st

Monday 17th February partners with to promote aspiring designers

By Charlotte Kertrestel and have come together to promote the work of aspiring designers entering the Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award 2014. offers a platform for designers to share their ideas and concepts with other members in order to develop and refine product ideas.

Getting Breakthemold on board with the Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award is a great opportunity for students to get feedback about their designs before they finally submit their entries. Students simply have to upload their ideas to the Breakthemold platform in order to access the site’s stronghold of established designers.

 “The Breakthemold platform is ideal for the Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award,” Grant Cleveland, founder of, stated. “It leads to a well rounded design product, developing your skills as a designer, while still keeping you in control of your work.”

The Award launched in January and is open for entries until April 30th. To find out more about the competition, take a look at the Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award homepage.

Wednesday 12th February

De Montfort University students enter the Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award

By Charlotte KertrestelDe Montford university students enter the Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award

Students from Leicestershire-based De Montfort University have submitted their entries into the Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award just weeks after the competition’s launch.

The students have undertaken the brief as part of their academic programme and have shown great enthusiasm for the competition in their entries.

Dr Eujin Pei, a senior lecturer for De Montfort University states:  “Taking part in the Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award has given our students an amazing opportunity to gaze into the future of communication technology, and more importantly for them to apply their design skills into real practice.”

The Award is open to all students enrolled on a design course at a UK College or university. To find out more about the competition, and how you could be in the running for a £1000 cash prize, take a look at our mobile phone award's how to enter page.  

Monday 20th January 2014

The Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award officially opens!

By Luke Hatfield

After months of planning and organising, we are pleased to announce that the Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award 2014 is officially open!

The Award will run from today (Monday 20th January) until Saturday 31st May, so you’ve got plenty of time to get your thinking hats on!

We are looking for designs which really make us think, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to design a super-galactic high tech flagship phone to be in which a chance of winning; why not think out the box and consider different niche audiences for a phone of the future.

The team at has given phones of the future a bit of thought by considering some of the things that we wish our phones did. We have also taken a look at phones through time to see the way designs and capabilities of the little devices we all have in our pockets have changed over the years. Alternatively, take a look at our prediction of what phones will look like in 5 years' time!

So if you want to be in with a chance of winning a £1000 cash prize then start designing now! 

Tuesday 14th January 2014

​Happy New Year everybody!

by Charlotte Kertrestel

​​ is pleased to announce that the Young Mobile Phone Designer of the Year Award will launch on Monday 20th January!

We have been planning the Award for some time now, sculpting the design brief and meeting with students around the country, so we're really excited to get the process up and running. 

Twenty-two universities have already expressed their interest in entering the Award, while a number have also incorporated it into their academic courses, which just goes to show how hot the competition is going to get this year. We have already received a number of early entries from product design students at DeMontfort University, and the standard already looks like it's been set to a high level. 

So if you want to get the opportunity to add this prestigious accolade to your CV, as well as be in with a chance of winning a £1000 cash prize, then download the brief today! Just remember to submit your designs before Saturday 31st May otherwise your entries might not be counted.

All the information you should need included in the brief, but if you have any further questions, then get in touch via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.