The ‘Super Mid-Ranger’: Getting on with the Xperia M5

Xperia M5

One of the latest smartphones off the Sony production line, the Xperia M5 is arguably one of the Japanese company’s better releases of recent times. In fact, Sony is so confident in what it’s created that it’s dubbed the M5 a ‘super mid-range’ smartphone.

But what’s the big deal about Sony’s latest handset? Is it really going to be despatching with some of this year’s flagships in spite of its less costly price tag? Lucky for you, here’s our smartphone preview to tell you all you need to know about the new device!

Stylish as you like!

What's the big deal about Sony's latest smartphone?

Whilst this is a mid-range smartphone from Sony, you’d have never guessed by looking at the aura its design bellows out. The smartphone looks like a flagship without a doubt, and doesn’t mess around with its stylish persona.

Staking a claim to the very same omnibalance design that’s seen on the likes of the Z3+, the Xperia M5 looks just as good as its flagship brother, and leaves very little separating the two on an aesthetic level.

On top of its good looks we’re also getting the same water resistant capabilities as seen on the bigger Sony smartphone. This means that the M5 won’t be flinching if you decide to drop it into the sink or see it worthy of a dip in the pool whilst on your holidays.

Put simply, if design is your cup of tea then the Xperia M5 should definitely be fitting the bill.

Xperia Specs City

If specs are more your kind of thing then you’re definitely in the right place! The Xperia M5 stays true to its super mid-range label with a more than healthy set of internal components which would be commonplace in plenty of standard flagships.

A 5” 1080p display is more than good enough to keep the majority of mobile users happy, whilst a MediaTek chipset also plays a big part in impressing the crowds. Also, an octa-core processor brings plenty of speed, all while 3GB RAM and 16GB of expandable storage also make their way into the mid-ranger.

Topping all of the internal kit off is a 2600mAh battery, which Sony claims has a two-day battery life, allowing for 63 hours of continuous music playback, 12 hours of talk time or 8 hours of HD video playback without issue.

This makes the M5 one of the most powerful smartphones in the mid-range sector, even pushing the boundaries of flagship quality.

Classic Sony Snapper

Sony has a real pedigree when it comes down to its camera quality, and the Xperia M5 definitely keeps this up with its set of lenses.

The back side of the handset plays host to a 21.5 megapixel lens, which proves more powerful on paper than the Z3+’s. The front side also outdoes its flagship cousin with a 13 megapixel lens which makes selfie snapping a real dream.

But it’s not all about the megapixels which are included with the handset, there’s also some neat tricks being made behind the scenes as well. A 0.25s autofocus is one such feature that’s incredibly impressive, whilst 5x clear image zoom and 4K video recording also prove fruitful additions.

It’s definitely the strongest showing we’ve seen from Sony on the camera front, it will be interesting to see how the market responds in the coming months.

Android Lollipop on the M5

Another point that’s definitely worthy of some mention is the brand new Android Lollipop operating system that’s making its way onto the new Xperia handset. Whilst Sony will be throwing its own Xperia UI on the top of it, it’s still a nice touch to polish things off.

We won’t see much of the classic Google design with Sony’s UI on top, but the feature behind it will still be in full flow, with more security, better features and more in-depth interaction being made available.

Will you be buying the Xperia M5?

Xperia M5: A Worthy Pick Up

With all of this power and class behind it, the Sony Xperia M5 appears to be a great addition to any tech fans’ pocket. Plus, with its mid-range label also comes a slightly cheaper price tag than you might expect to find with a flagship purchase, making it ideal for money-savers out there.

Whilst it might not carry quite the weight as some of the bigger names on the market, the Xperia M5 definitely strikes us as an all-round smartphone which could be topping the mid-range sales charts in the near future.

So, what do you make of the Sony Xperia M5? Do you think you’ll be buying it when you get the chance? Why not let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Written by Luke Hatfield

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