The Worst of the Worst! Five Mobile Flops!

Worst Mobile Phones Ever

We love reporting on the latest and greatest mobile phones, but sometimes we have the less than happy job of reporting on handsets which just don’t make the cut.

Sometimes it’s a lack of power, poor battery life, and other times it’s just because a handset is downright ugly, but for every iPhone 5s we see, there are two or three smartphone stinkers for us to deal with.

But what are the worst of the worst? Which handsets have sunk right to the bottom of the murky mobile waters to be named in our top (or bottom) five worst ever mobile phones?

#5 Nokia 7280

Did you ever use the Nokia 7280?

It’s a real shame to have to put the likes of the Nokia 7280 in this list, simply because we really liked the idea it introduced, and it offered us something that was truly intuitive and outside the box.

Verging away from the physical keypad that was prevalent at the time, the 7280 opted for a rotary dialing mechanism, which was actually fine for making calls.

But the issue came when trying to navigate the menus on the phone, or god forbid send a text message, simply put; the rotary dial was not up for the challenge.

We couldn’t poke any holes in terms of performance otherwise, but there’s a reason a physical keypads were on our mobile phones.

#4 HTC ChaCha

Is the HTC ChaCha the worst name ever for a smartphone?

Integrating Facebook with our mobile phones is a good idea, it makes sense. But the HTC ChaCha got it all wrong.

Featuring a physical keyboard not too dissimilar from a BlackBerry, with a built-in Facebook button, the ChaCha looked like the real deal.

Unfortunately, HTC’s keyboard was complex, the user interface was poor and the specs were extremely basic.

The small screen didn’t help its cause either, and with a name like ChaCha it was always going to be a hard sell for anyone over 10 years old.

#3 Nokia N-Gage

Did you ever play on the Nokia N-Gage?

The N-Gage was Nokia’s attempt to take on the massively popular Gameboy Advance, whilst still packing all the features of your standard mobile phone.

It seemed like a decent plan at first, and with games like Tomb Raider amongst others propping up its launch, it seemed like Nintendo was finally getting a decent challenger on the handheld gaming market.

Unfortunately though, the N-Gage made games near unplayable pieces of kit, mainly down to the poor button layout on the handset.

Game developers quickly jumped ship, leaving the N-Gage struggling to bring in gamers, and with a lack of power on the mobile spec sheet, the handset quickly sunk into mobile phone mediocrity.

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#2 Kyocera Echo

Would you like to have tried out the Kyocera Echo?

You’ll be forgiven for not having heard of this mobile phone, simply because it was that bad, which is a real shame, because the idea behind it seems like it could have had legs.

The Echo features two 3.5” displays based on a hinge, and is listed as the first ever dual-screen phone. Unfortunately for Kyocera though, it proved to be a flop.

Both screens could be used in a ‘tablet style mode’ which displays one image over both screens, but the gap between the two made any use a bit tricky, and it failed to take off.

The handset wasn’t user-friendly to say the least, and with a lack of apps and exceptionally poor battery, it quickly found its way into the reduced stock aisle in most US supermarkets.

Thankfully, we never saw a commercial model make its way to UK shores…

#1 Garminfone

Is the Garminfone the worst smartphone ever?

A possible contender for worst user interface ever made, the Garminfone was an attempt to merge our smartphones with our satnavs which failed miserably.

The battery life was about as long as a round of Flappy Bird (which isn’t very long considering our limited skill level), and as we mentioned before, the UI looked like it had been drawn up by a drunk toddler.

It wasn’t exactly responsive either, with just 256MB RAM, you’d quickly become accustomed to random freezing and delayed instructions.

The only good thing going for the Garminfone is that when its screen isn’t on, it’s a bit of a looker, but that hardly compensates for its problems behind the hood.

Simply put, you’re probably better off avoiding the Garminfone, unless of course you’re a fan of getting lost with a handset that is sure to offer you arguably the shortest battery life ever.

So those are just five of our most memorably bad mobile phones, do you know of any more? If so, why not comment below and let us know? Or you can contact us over Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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