Will the HTC One+ put HTC back on the Map?

HTC One Line-Up

HTC really pulled the cat out of the bag with the HTC One back in 2013, shocking pretty much everyone with the quality and beauty of the handset, whilst being incredibly simple and easy to use.

But the dreaded sequel is upon us, and with the likes of Samsung, Apple and Sony all improving in recent efforts, can HTC keep up?

What to Expect from the HTC One+

In terms of looks, we’re happy to see the HTC One+ stick with its HTC One roots.

Not only because the previous handset looked and felt great, but also because it was a bit different from the iPhone and Galaxy S designs we’ve been seeing from Apple and Samsung over the past few years.

The 4.7” screen from the HTC One is being upgraded to a 5” 1080p full HD display made from Corning Gorilla Glass 3, making for a bigger and stronger screen.

Unfortunately, with this increase in size, we are seeing a slight drop in pixel per inch ratio, down to 440ppi from 469ppi.

Under the hood, we are happy to see a bit of change though, most importantly with the processor being upped to a Snapdragon 800 chip.

Whilst the HTC One’s Snapdragon 600 chipset was all well and good, in a more recent release, we would expect to see an improvement with speed, which this obviously offers us.

Also brand new with the One+ is a certification to become a 802.11ac model, allowing for much faster mobile internet speeds, with some being up to a reported 300Mbit/s, separating it from every other phone available right now.

The 4 megapixel, Ultrapixel snapper is sticking around from the HTC One, and whilst this may sound a bit weak on paper, you needn’t worry, thanks to some intuitive software behind the lens allowing for the camera to punch well above its weight.

Cap these improvements off with Android 4.4 KitKat, running behind a brand new Sense user interface and you have a great phone that has seen smart improvements from its predecessor.

How will this do against the latest Samsung, Sony and Apple models?

When squaring up against the latest offerings from the other major manufacturers the HTC One+ really does hold its own.

Whilst Apple’s iPhone 5s is now slightly outdated, the Sony Xperia Z1 is still right up there in terms of recent handsets, and the HTC stands above it thanks to its more recent specifications.

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S5 handset is arguably the biggest, most relevant competition for the upcoming HTC One+, and it’s definitely a close call when comparing the specs.

Whilst the S5 is home to a bigger RAM, the HTC is capable of running at quicker speeds when online, and both handsets feature similar specs otherwise.

Most of this competition comes down to your personal preference when choosing between the two, and will definitely be an easier decision to make when we actually get to play with both phones.

So at the moment we are definitely happy to say that the HTC One+ is a good improvement on the original HTC One, and will definitely hold its own against the other big flagship handsets.

One thing is definitely easy to say, we are getting treated to a bucket load of brilliant handsets to get 2014 going this spring, and hopefully this continues throughout the year.

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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