iPhone SE: Why Apple Is Right to go for the Small Screen…

iPhone SE

It’s safe to say that we all saw the iPhone SE coming well ahead of its official launch. Rumours about a smaller screened iPhone have been rife ever since Apple decided to up its display real estate on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

However, as always Apple has found it hard to please everyone, with die-hard fans thankful for the new device, whilst others have claimed that it’s simply regurgitating an old design with just a few new specs. Simply put, not everyone is happy about it, but we can’t quite figure out why…

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What’s wrong with a small screen?

Apple reiterated several times during the iPhone SE launch that its customers had been the biggest force pushing for a smaller iPhone screen – and we don’t disagree. All the time you can hear complaints about even the iPhone 6s’s fairly modest 4.7” effort being a bit unmanageable, especially with one hand.

On top of this, we’ve encountered issues countless times with users often locking the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus by accident with the newly placed side button. This shows exactly why there’s a market for an iPhone that boasts such a downsized design.

What's wrong with opting for a small screen iPhone?

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Also, for those of you complaining that you can’t go back to a small screen, here’s the thing – you don’t have to buy the iPhone SE. Lucky for us, we’ll still be getting the iPhone 7 this September (barring some nightmarish delay), which we can almost guarantee will be keeping that upsized 4.7” effort.

Basically, the iPhone SE isn’t taking over any future launches, it’s supplementing them with a handset to suit Apple fans without the love for larger screens.

It’s not a port of the iPhone 5s

Another common complaint we’ve seen since the launch of the SE is that it’s simply a rebranded version of the iPhone 5s designed to trick fans into investing cash they shouldn’t have to. However, this isn’t the case, with the SE clearly sitting leaps and bounds of the soon to be discontinued device.

Whilst the design may be similar, compare iphones here, this is simply Apple’s way of saying ‘you liked the 5s, so why not stick with the same style’. Plus, we do get an extra rose gold colour option to play with as well, so it’s not all the same in terms of the design.

Of course, the clearest and most obvious difference is behind the scenes, with a host of new specs proving that the 5s is scores behind the new SE handset. Start with the A9 processor for example, which comes direct from the iPhone 6s, this piece of hardware is much more powerful than that in the 5s, and shows a big difference in practice as well.

Elsewhere there are big improvements to the SE camera and other internal specs over the 5s, ending any talk of the handset being just a recycled version of the older device.

There are no new features…

What's so good about the iPhone SE?

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Believe it or not, Apple is completely aware that there are no new breakout features that have made their way onto the iPhone SE – and that’s just how it planned things.

The iPhone SE was never going to be a successor to the 6s. What sense would it make to cannibalise a phone launched just six months ago? Simply enough, it wouldn’t be good for business on any front.

By offering up the specs and features of the 6s in a smaller chassis, it merely offers more selection to Apple shoppers who were debating getting an iPhone. In fact, it only makes sense from a business standpoint, helping offer an upgrade option for those still running a 5s, along with Android and Windows fans with a hankering for a smaller handset.

Should you buy the iPhone SE?

If you’re on the hunt for a smaller screen but would like to keep a hold of those flagship specs you know and love, there is no better device buy the iPhone SE. It doesn’t just look great, albeit similar to the 5s, but it boasts an array of specs that should keep any smartphone user happy.

Plus, by continuing the use of Apple Pay, Touch ID and Live Photos, the iPhone SE also carries a hefty collection of features as well, which should make it more than tempting if that’s the kind of thing you’re interested in.

So, whilst you might not be getting a truly revolutionary phone, you’d still be making a great decision to go for the SE…

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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