Why Android is still better than the iPhone 5S

Why android is still better than the iPhone 5s

With Apple unveiling what is claims to be its best ever devices- the iPhone 5C and 5S- last week, fans and critics alike haven’t stopped talking about fingerprint sensors, bright colours and A7 chipsets.

But is the iPhone 5S, Apple’s premium flagship device, really as good as Apple claims? Here we take a look at just three reasons why Android might, just might, be better…

Screen size

When Samsung released the Galaxy S3 with its massive 4.8-inch screen, mobile phone fans everywhere gasped in horror at the huge proportions of the device which was masquerading as a phone.  However, soon after Samsung followed the Galaxy S3 with its range of Note and Galaxy Mega devices, the biggest of which featuring a whopping 6.3-inch display.

And ever since Samsung started the trend, it would seem that all Androids are now sporting big screens; the precedent for most flagship handsets has reached the 5-inch mark, with more manufacturers such as HTC even dipping a toe in the phablet market.

Conversely, Apple has stayed true to tradition by retaining the iPhone’s smaller screen. Although the iPhone 5 did make the jump from 3.5-inches to 4-inches, the iPhone 5S has made no attempt to climb onboard the large-screen-bandwagon like most Androids.

But is this necessarily a good thing?

I know that I for one prefer to look at a larger screen when Skyping, emailing and flitting through my photos, and this is my main criticism of the iPhone 5S. Yes, the iPhone is good for slipping into your pocket because of its dinky dimensions, but when it comes down to catching up on last night’s TV, or settling down to watch a film, the iPhone 5S’ 4-inch screen is going to leave me reaching for my laptop.


Another huge drawback of the iPhone 5S is its cost. You may argue, and rightly so, that Apple’s smartphones are premium devices, made from the finest materials and offering the best software and programs.

However, for the bog standard mobile phone user, shelling out in the region of £600 for a smartphone is simply too much to ask.

And although iPhone deals which come with a free iPhone 5 can start from just £25, the iPhone 5S is more likely than not to incur a one off payment in order to attain an affordable monthly contract.

Compare the price of the iPhone 5S with smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, or HTC One, for example. For a SIM free 16GB model, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will cost £489, the HTC One, £479, and the iPhone 5S, £549.


This brings us onto the issue of choice. While the price difference for a SIM free iPhone 5S might not be overwhelmingly excessive when placed next to other Android flagship models, where Apple does fall down in in its range of offerings to a larger variety of consumers.

The iPhone 5C was tipped the ‘budget iPhone’, though its £469 price tag which was revealed last week quickly washed away any hopes that a cheap iPhone would ever hit the market. And that’s where Android does stand apart from Apple.

If you want a high end smartphone, you can choose from the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Galaxy Note 3, the HTC One or even the Sony Xperia Z1. If you haven’t got the budget for a premium handset, there are tens of mid-range and budget smartphones suitable for all ages and competencies.  

The iPhone 5C might offer an extra element of choice when it comes to colour, but apart from that, the iPhone very much remains a top of the range device for a very specific audience.

So are Androids really better than the iPhone 5S?

Obviously I wouldn’t be so audacious as to say that, hands down, the iPhone 5S was inferior in all ways to Android devices; I am simply trying to argue a case for Android.

Apple evidentally wouldn’t have got to where it is today without high spec, quality products, and the iPhone 5S is no exception to this.

People all too often assume that the iPhone is the crème de la crème when it comes to smartphones, based solely on the Apple brand. However, users often forget that Androids can offer much the same, if not more, than their iPhone equivalent, and the factors outlined above are just three reasons why I prefer Androids to the iPhone 5S. 

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