Which iPhone Should I Buy?


Gone are the days when a mobile phone manufacturer released one phone a year, leaving you with just a few devices to choose from. Now, we see the likes of Sony, Samsung and many more companies launching dozens of phones each year, making a decision between them incredibly hard.

However, there’s one manufacturer out there than is arguably the hardest to choose from – Apple. Offering a selection of top quality iPhones, Apple makes picking a smartphone from its collection one of the most painstaking tasks in technology history.

So, to help you make a decision on which iPhone is best for you, we’ve come up with this guide that should help you find an iPhone to suit your taste. 

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Which iPhone is Right for you?

For the Budget Smartphone Shopper: iPhone 5s 

Remember the iPhone 5s? It's still around, you know...

That’s right, you can still pick up one of the iconic Apple smartphones of the past few years – and it comes at a surprisingly cheap price as well. The iPhone 5s might not be the most recent launch, but it’s still powerful for its size, and it packs a host of good features.

Arguably the 5s’s best selling point now is that it’s available for a bargain price thanks to the release of four succeeding smartphones from Apple – namely the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus.

You will however, have to put up with slightly dated specs compared to these more recently released handsets, with a smaller 4” display and a modest Apple A7 chipset taking the helm for the 5s.

However, despite the drop in specs, the iPhone 5s is still worth grabbing. You’ll have to be fast though, as rumours of a smaller iPhone 5se are coming in thick and fast – possibly spelling the beginning of the end of the veteran 5s handset.

For the New iPhone Design for less money: iPhone 6

Could it be the perfect time to buy the iPhone 6?

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Let’s get this out of the way now – the new iPhone design is a thing of beauty. It’s been employed on four different devices now, with the first being the iPhone 6, and it really looks the business. Plus, now you needn’t spend as much money as you once should’ve, with the iPhone 6 price a real bargain now (although not as cheap as the 5s).

Opting for the larger 4.7” screen, the iPhone 6 brought the all-new design to the masses back in 2014, but don’t let its age fool you – it’s still a strong contender beneath the hood.

Offering an Apple A8 chipset, 1GB RAM and an improved 8mp camera on its back side, the iPhone 6 is a welcome addition to almost any pocket. Plus, with a metallic back chassis, you won’t be getting embarrassed to pull it out in front of your friends.

It might not be the most recent smartphone off the Apple conveyor belt, but it looks as good as any phone on the market and is still a powerful flagship device. This is what makes the iPhone 6 a sound investment, even a good while after its initial launch.

For a Larger Apple Display: iPhone 6 Plus

Get a big screen iPhone 6 Plus for less than you'd think...

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Sometimes a standard screen doesn’t cut it, that’s when investing in one of Apple’s plus-sized models makes some real sense – and why not save a few quid and opt for the iPhone 6 Plus? Offering the largest display of any Apple smartphone yet, the iPhone 6 Plus is matched only by its successor, the iPhone 6s Plus.

Rocking a near identical design to the iPhone 6 (but for the larger build and slimmer chassis), the iPhone 6 Plus is perfect for Apple fans with an itching for a phablet style screen. Sizing up at 5.5” and in glorious HD quality, the iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t disappoint.

There are a couple of improvements behind the scenes compared to the smaller version of the iPhone as well, with a better camera and a larger battery summing up the main differences. Elsewhere the rest of the specs read the same, so you’ll do well to find much else that splits the two.

Once again, it’s not the most recent Apple launch, but it’s a very powerful handset that rocks one of the biggest displays from Apple, and comes in cheaper than the iPhone 6s Plus.

For the Smaller Screen Power Hunters: iPhone SE

Why not buy the smaller iPhone SE?

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We get it, sometimes having such a big smartphone can end up weighing you down, that's why Apple has dished up a phone which mixes the performance and quality of the iPhone 6s with a smaller screen and chassis. The iPhone SE might look somewhat like the iPhone 5s, but the levels of quality beneath the design are very different.

The 4" display is sharp and compact, making one handed use incredibly easy, whilst old-fashioned Apple fans will be happy to see the lock button atop the phone once again. Meanwhile, a rose gold version of the handset is also on offer for fashionistas out there.

Behind this, the very same Apple A9 processor from the 6s is included, whilst a 12mp iSight camera makes the cut on the back of the phone.

Of course, plenty of Apple features, like Touch ID and Apple Pay are also included, giving this miniature sized iPhone a hefty punch. So if you like your phones smaller, the iPhone SE should fit the bill.

For the Latest Flagship Apple Smartphone: iPhone 6s

Get an iPhone with a pink tint, for a price...

Buy the iPhone 6s

If you’re the person who needs the latest gadget in their pocket, then the iPhone 6s is right down your alley. Offering the best Apple has to offer in terms of hardware, the iPhone 6s is the most powerful Apple phone yet, right alongside its plus-sized compatriot.

The iPhone 6s offers the same 4.7” display that features on the iPhone 6, but behind this is an all-new spec sheet including an Apple A9 chipset, 2GB RAM and a 12mp rear facing camera.

If features are more your kind of thing then the 3D Touch and Live Photo additions should do plenty to tide you over. The former allowing you to peek into apps for added convenience, making for quite a handy addition.

Finally, with a new Rose Gold colour on offering, the iPhone 6s is a great choice for the serial flagship smartphone shopper. So, if you’re planning on investing in a new phone to last, then the iPhone 6s could be perfect.

For the Latest and Largest Apple Phone: iPhone 6s Plus

The biggest and most expensive iPhone is the iPhone 6s Plus

If you’re a fan of the iPhone 6s, but not a fan of smaller screens (not to say that 4.7” isn’t big enough, that is), then the iPhone 6s Plus is the obvious option. It offers an identical look, the same specs and even the same features – all with a bigger and more useful display.

You’ll definitely need two hands to make use of the 5.5” screen, but you’ll be more than used to it given a day or so with it.

Like on the 6s, the 3D Touch and Live Photo features come into play, as well as Apple Pay and iOS 9. You do get a bigger battery to help cope with the screen, so if you ever worry about your phone dying at the worst time imaginable, then it should keep you pleased for an extra few hours.

You will need to cough up the most cash if you do plan on picking up the iPhone 6s Plus though, so be prepared for a pretty big dent in that bank account if you do make the move to buy it. But then again, it’s well worth the money…

So, which iPhone will you buy? Do you plan on making a saving with the iPhone 5s? Or would you rather splash the cash on a new iPhone? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield