When Is My Phone Getting Android Nougat?

When is my Phone Getting Android Nougat?

The question on every Android fan’s lips.

Nougat, the latest Android software update, is set to boost Android devices to the very top level of the technosphere. But when will it become available for each specific model? Or is it already available? We’ll give you the full run-down all the release dates for every Android model, so you can pencil it in your diary.

We’ll also give a selection of the mouth-watering features Nougat has to offer, to really pump up the excitement if you’re not already drooling over your phone, probably damaging the current operating system (don’t worry - you won’t need it for much longer.)

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Nougat Release Dates

First things first, let’s get the specifics right. There’s Nougat 7.0 and 7.1 versions, a key difference for some of the features we'll detail in more depth later. And, crucially, it’s free. Now that’s got your attention, the nitty-gritty of dates:

Android Nougat is good to go if you own one of the majority from the Nexus range, including Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Google Pixel or the Nexus Player. Unfortunately, the Nexus 5 is won’t be hosting Nougat at all. It maintains the Lollipop OS and will not be getting an upgrade.

On the other hand, Samsung, LG and HTC will be upgrading to Nougat, but must wait until they have adapted their phone software so it is compatible, and that could be a little while off yet. A first version of Nougat will become active on the 9th November for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models. Users must download the Galaxy Beta Programme app to attain Nougat. The final version of Nougat is expected on the latest Galaxy incarnations around mid-December so even if you don’t get the first version, it won’t be too long to wait.

HTC claims Nougat will be completed on its HTC 10, One A9 and One M9 before 2016’s end. The HTC One M8 however will not be getting the update, so if you’re looking for Nougat One M8 folks, you’ll need to upgrade your phone.

LG has confirmed that Nougat will be launched on the LG G5 within the coming weeks. The V10 and G4 will take a little longer to finish, but will do eventually so don’t panic and keep your checking our page for more news. The LG V20 won’t be hitting the UK’s shores, but if you’re moving to the USA or South Korea you’ll be in luck as it can be bought there, full of Nougat goodness.

Various other manufacturers are bringing out Android 7, such as Sony Xperia which will update almost all its phones excluding the Z3 which would only receive the developer version of the software. OnePlus will be upgrading their phones as well in the forthcoming future, but there isn’t a time frame yet on when.


If you’re looking for inspiration to switch to Nougat, then have a read of these features and you might just come around to Android’s swanky way of thinking.


Multiwindows and Notifications

One of the most anticipated adaptions is the multiwindow function. You can open 2 apps at once so look at your messages whilst you searching through your photos. Samsung and LG phones already have the feature, but Google has included the multiwindow for the first time so it will offer new opportunities to Google phone customers.

Immediate reply to notifications has been initiated, so in a similar vein to the multiwindow feature, you are able to reply to a message notification on the notification itself, as opposed to needing to leave the app you’re on.

Bundled notifications are used on Android 7, so collections of messages from a specific messaging app are grouped together and then once you click on it the individual notifications will expand. This will save space taken up previously by all the individual notifications you were receiving.

Performance- Doze 2.0

The energy saving feature Doze seen on Android Marshmallow has been improved to a 2.0 edition. If you’re unaware, it limits battery life when the phone is in stand-by. As soon as the phone is turned off, the phone will cease using power, so no need to constantly charge it even if you haven’t been using it.

Nougat provides a smoother performance quality in regards to updating and downloading apps. It’s considerably faster, but also offers better graphics via the Vulcan technology (not from Star Trek) which is perfect for game developers to gain control of the GPU.  


Lastly, one of the most quickly advancing industries is virtual reality. And Nougat has been created with VR in mind. Google Daydream is available on Android 7.1 and for now can only be found in the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Daydream is expected to launch this month, but you may be put on hold by the release of Nougat 7.1. Play Store, YouTube and StreetView are amongst the apps which are a platform for VR, and the headsets can be purchased now if you want to get ahead of the game.        

There are plenty of reasons to anticipate Nougat’s arrival, and seeing as the Android OS are working their way through the alphabet (the Marshmallow previously, now the Nougat) we wonder what will be next… Oreo? Ovaltine? It won’t be long till we find out that's for sure.

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