What Will We See From iOS 8?

iOS 8 Rumours

The iPhone 6 is fast approaching, set for a release this autumn, but whilst the hardware is always exciting, we have almost forgotten about the brand new software to accompany it.

iOS 8 is looking to make an appearance alongside the next iPhone entry, and it looks as good as ever.

But what can you expect to see from iOS 8? Will it be the perfect side dish to a brilliant new Apple iPhone, or will it be ‘just another’ operating system?

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Apple HealthBook

Possibly the biggest inclusion in this latest software update, HealthBook is promising to revolutionise our health with our smartphones.

The app, judging from leaked screenshots, will measure activity, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood work, heart rate, hydration, nutrition, oxygen saturation and respiratory rate, we just aren’t entirely sure how.

Normally, these sorts of measurements require a trip to the local GP and a catalogue of tests, but it’s expected that a possible iWatch could manage all of these measurements.

Will HealthBook Revolutionise our iPhones?

Improved iPhone Maps

Back when iOS 6 was introduced, we quickly discovered that Apple Maps wasn’t quite up to standard on the navigation front.

Horror stories had emerged of drivers being led down incorrect roads and even off cliffs, but iOS 8 is set to fix these problems with an improved maps app.

Expect faster, more coherent directions from the app, along with an easier to use display.


CarPlay itself has already made an appearance on our latest iPhones, with the feature being introduced on iOS 7.1.

iOS 8 though is expected to offer plenty of improvements to the fledgling feature, including wireless capabilities for upcoming vehicles.

General fixes and improvements can also be expected from iOS 8 as well, making the feature easier to use whilst on the go.

iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio has been bit of a non-event here in the UK, with only a few select countries being able to access the feature because of copyright laws, but iOS 8 could remedy this.

Apple is rumoured to be working to bring iTunes radio over to our shores with iOS 8, and it could also be finding its way into its very own application as well.

The app will be in direct competition with Spotify, offering up more functionality than before, and hopefully being legal enough for us Brits to use come September.

Could we see iTunes Radio in the UK?

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Brand new Apple Apps

There’s seldom a major iOS update which comes without a couple of brand new apps for us to use, and iOS 8 is no different.

In fact, Apple is being nice enough to give us two apps by the look of it, both of which have been feature on the ever-successful Mac computer.

TextEdit and Preview are both being brought onto the mobile market this fall, being word processing and image viewing apps respectively.

There’s no news on whether these will be replacing other apps, namely the Notes or Photos apps, but it could be a possibility.

iWatch Connectivity

Rumours have long been circling of an Apple themed piece of wearable tech, and it appears that iOS 8 will be supporting it this fall.

The iWatch is expected to be released alongside the iPhone 6, and this means iOS 8 will have to support it, otherwise it’s just a watch, and that’s nothing special!

The HealthBook app we mentioned before is also expected to integrate heavily with the wearable tech, helping measure many of the different recordings we’re being given.

Will the iWatch make an appearance with the iPhone 6?

Apple Design

It simply wouldn’t be an update if we didn’t get a fresh new design from the people at Apple would it?

We haven’t seen or heard anything about a new style, but considering the incremental changes we’ve seen from every previous major update, a new design is almost certainly on the cards.

We’re sure we’ll love it no matter what, now we just have to deal with waiting until this September to get it all!

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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