Five Things We Want from the iPhone 7

iPhone Expectations

It’s one of the standout phones on the yearly calendar. The yearly launch of the latest flagship iPhone is one of the biggest tech events on any smartphone fans’ schedule.

But one of the biggest questions we all have to ask is a common one – what can we expect from the iPhone 7? Lucky for you, we’ve put together five things we’d like to see on the handset, so you know what to look forward to, if Apple hits our lofty targets of course.

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Wireless Charging

Is wireless charging coming to the iPhone?

The iPhone has long had battery life issues (we’ll get to those later), and plugging in your cable to recharge it can be a bit of a pain. But with phones like the Galaxy S7 boasting wireless charging technology, Apple might miss a trip by not including the feature.

Not only will it help deal with low power moments, but if you regularly use your phone while it’s on charge you’ll be able to pick up and put down the phone without getting tied up in knots – all without missing out on that growing battery power.

Apple is sure to have the capabilities to include the feature, so here’s to hoping it’ll make the cut on the iPhone 7.

Extra Durability

We’re sick and tired of wrapping our old iPhones up in cases thick enough to help our handsets survive the odd bump and scrape – or trip to the bottom of the sink.

With IP68 certified handsets now common commodities, Apple would be crazy not to make the iPhone 7 at least a little bit more durable. Ideally we’d like to see the handset become waterproof, but we’d also settle for just some extra water resistance and a sturdier screen.

This would obviously help those of us who happen to be clumsy with our phones, but should also reduce the amount of money you’d likely end up spending on cases and accessories.

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Thinner Bezels

Could the bezels thin down on the iPhone 7?

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus both had good looking displays, but the iPhone 7 needs to make the step up once again, and we think that thinner bezels might just do the trick.

Bezels are simply the gaps between the edge of the screen and the edge of the phone’s chassis, by reducing these, Apple could make the iPhone 7 more immersive and generally better looking. It won’t play a huge role in the quality of the resolution or the screen’s performance, but in terms of the design it could give the handset a new lease of life.

Normally Apple does manage to hit the mark with its designs, so hopefully it does the same with this request.


Virtual reality is still an emerging force on the mobile market, with only a few devices capable of showing off the feature in any shape or form. Apple could possibly join their ranks in September with the launch of the iPhone 7, if it decides to take the plunge that is.

The likes of Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive are evidence that smartphone based virtual reality headsets can be useful – even if they come in at a high price. So it wouldn’t be too shocking to see Apple join the fray with the iPhone 7.

Of course, Apple might hold off on this for another year or so, just to see whether the feature takes off properly, so it may be a touch too soon. Either way, we should find out by the end of September.

Better Specs

Will the iPhone 7 be a hit?

 iPhone 7 Review 

If there’s one thing we always want from any new smartphone launch, it’s better specs. We’re a fickle bunch, and the only way to keep us pleased is to keep upping the stakes year on year, see more coming soon phones for later in the year.

Sure, it might set us back a bit more each month, but by giving us extra storage space and faster performance, the iPhone 7 will no doubt stand head and shoulders above previous phones. What’s more, it’ll also help boost its sales figures, which can only mean good news for Apple.

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Ideally this will mean we get a new camera, more RAM and a higher base internal storage option, although we won’t get confirmed information until the device is announced…

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