What to Expect at MWC 2015

MWC 2015

The mobile event of the year without question, Mobile World Congress (MWC) is held each year during February/March in Barcelona, showcasing the best that mobile technology has to offer.

So, heading into the event, what can we expect to see over the four day conference? Will we get a batch of amazing new handsets? Or will it turn out to be a bit of a bore? Here are the things we’re expecting to see come March 2nd!

The Samsung Galaxy S6

This concept image of the Galaxy S6 looks good, but will it be at MWC?

Check Out the Samsung Galaxy S6

Is there anywhere else we could really start? Last year Samsung gave us the Galaxy S5, so it only seems right that a year later we get its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Rumoured to sport a 5.3” QHD Edge Display, the S6 could take heavily from the Galaxy Note phablet. Also, a Snapdragon 810 chipset is also expected to sit alongside an octa-core processor, 4GB RAM and a 20 megapixel camera.

A metallic construction is wanted by many Samsung fans, so it would be no surprise to see a metal-clad handset this time around, and with the yearly retina scanner rumours making the rounds, we’re sure to get hyped for this smartphone in Barcelona!

HTC One M9

Will the HTC One M9 be around at MWC?

Another big name smartphone looking to make a splash in Barcelona, the HTC One M9 is set to be HTC’s best flagship handset yet.

Following up from the One M8, the One M9 is expected to boast a 5.2” QHD display whilst getting rid of the UltraPixel technology which failed to inspire sales in previous versions.

A Snapdragon 810 chipset, quad-core processor and 3GB RAM are all expected to feature internally, making for a brilliant phone on paper.

Of course, HTC’s classic all metal design will stay put, again making it one of the best looking phones on the market.

Sony Xperia Z4/Z4 Compact/Z4 Ultra

What are your thoughts on the possibility of the Xperia Z4?

Want some more information on the next Sony smartphone? Check out our Sony Xperia Z4 rumours here! 

That’s right; we’re expecting three different devices from Sony in Barcelona, and we’re actually pretty confident that we’ll see all three of them there as well.

The Z4 and Z4 Compact are fairly obvious successors to the Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact, both of which were announced in September, whilst the Z4 Ultra follows up the Sony Xperia Z Ultra Phablet, giving Sony a collection of all sized devices.

All three will sport similar designs, with the classic unibody style and glass panel builds present. Specs are expected to impress as well, making all three devices extremely exciting for all us waiting to find out about them.

A Microsoft Lumia Flagship

Will there be a Lumia flagship at MWC 15?

Now, we’ve narrowed down this option to just two possible handsets; the Microsoft Lumia 1030 or Lumia 940, both of which would be successors to previous handsets.

The Lumia 1030 is the long awaited follow-up to the Lumia 1020, which most will remember for its 41 megapixel camera, and is the more likely of the duo to make an appearance.

The Lumia 940 though would be moving up from the Lumia 930, which was only launched earlier on this year, making it less probable to be succeeded so early.

Next-Gen Smartwatches

Will smart watches feature heavily at MWC?

With MWC 2014 giving us a great glimpse of the smartwatch trend, this year’s show is the ideal time to give us a batch of next-generation smartwatches.

We’d love a follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit, but more devices flaunting Android Gear or maybe Tizen would definitely be appreciated.

One smartwatch we definitely hope to see is the Moto 720, the successor to the Moto 360 if you hadn’t guessed, considering just how well it did this year, a second version should definitely be on the cards, it might just be a bit too soon for the Barcelona event.

Powerful Internal Components

What sort of internal specs can we expect to see from MWC 15?

Whilst this definitely won’t be of too much interest to your average smartphone user, the internal kit is definitely something tech lovers are excited about.

A Snapdragon 810 chipset is almost guaranteed to appear, especially seeing as many of the rumours for smartphones point to this internal hardware, whilst 5GB RAM is also a much wanted feature.

Further developments on the curved screen phenomenon, and possibly fast charging batteries are also possibilities, whether they’ll be able to work inside a phone though is another question.

So, that’s what we want to see, but what about you? Let us know what you’d like to see at MWC over Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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