What the iPhone is this all about?

Apple iPhone

The mobile phone and smartphone market is anything but stable with brands going in and out of fashion each year.

The two exceptions to this rule though have been Samsung and Apple.

Premium quality products and aggressive marketing have been a key to their success stories but there is a rather strange trend developing in 2014 that may just set alarm bells ringing at Apple HQ.

2014 smartphone sales

Samsung Galaxy S4 outsells iPhone 5s

Figures collated by UK online retailer Mobilephones.com have shown that Samsung’s flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, is outselling Apple’s flagship smartphone, the Apple iPhone 5s.

In fact, the Galaxy S4 has sold more than double the number of units compared to the iPhone 5s.

Could this be a signal that Apple is falling out of favour with consumers?

The iPhone 5c disaster

I reported late last year that in my opinion Apple made a mistake in launching the Apple iPhone 5c. And, I still stand by this today.

Apple is a premium brand and releasing a budget version of the iPhone line in my opinion damages this quality reputation. Maybe this would have sat better with me if there was a total re-branding to introduce a budget range like the iPhone Youth, or iPhone Mini or something else on those lines.

Apple iPhone sales

Apple iPhone sales

Figures collated show that the iPhone 5c was out sold by almost 10 to 1 compared to the iPhone 5s.

Is old better than budget?

Yes, according to the figures I have seen. The Apple iPhone 4s even sold more units than the 5s. In today’s market a smartphone that is replaced naturally becomes the more budget friendly model, so why make a new one to run alongside the flagship device?

The Sony challenge

I have also been far from un-opinionated about my support for Sony since it dropped Ericcson from the equation.

Sony devices now fall into that quality bracket and along with a vibrant marketing campaign sales have been very healthy indeed.

Sony vs Apple

iPhone 5s vs Xperia Z1 vs iPhone 4s

In fact, the Sony Xperia Z1 has matched the sales figures of the iPhone 5s. The most exciting part of this story though is that the Xperia Z2 is primed for release soon and Mobilephones.com has tipped this to be the best smartphone on the market.

Final thoughts

Here I have been talking about the past but looking forward into 2014 there are exciting mobile phone releases on the way. These include the Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2, possibly the Apple iPhone 6 and the all new HTC One.

So what do you think about the Apple iPhone series and which new smartphone release will offer the best mobile phone deals in 2014?

The views expressed here are those of and not necessarily those of Mobilephones.com.

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