Weird Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has been a big talking point of 2013. We’ve seen many different smart watches enter the market, as well as Google Glass, the hands free interactive eyewear.

So with wearable technology looking set to be a big part of our lives in the future, we take a look at some of the most weird and wonderful wearable technology in the pipeline.

Smart Coat

How about having your technology wrapped all around you in the form of a coat! The ‘M’ smart coat from Motiif has integrated 4G connectivity, provided by a pay-as-you-go service which provides 1GB of data a month for the first three months.

The coat can charge a smartphone three times before needing charging itself, by simply slotting the phone into the front pocket which contains an inconspicuous charging dock, compatible with Samsung and Apple phones. The coat itself is charged by hanging it on its own special coat hanger containing a wireless charging pad. 

The coat also comes with a weather app that informs owners whether they need to wear the coat or not. The coat is waterproof and pretty stylish looking too!

The 'M' Smart Coat

Travel Belt

Anywhere you go you can spot the tourists. They’re the ones wandering around heads buried in their guide books, phrasebooks out trying to ask for directions…

Tripso, the company behind many travel apps, has developed a way of avoiding the obvious tourist look. You can fool the locals into thinking you’re one of them, navigating your way around the city with ease, all thanks to a belt!

The Tripso travel belt contains four disks that vibrate to tell you which direction to take, left, right, straight or back.

The belt is connected via a cable to a smart phone, where the desired destination is inputted into the accompanying app. Then walk with all the confidence of a local to your destination; free to wander and take in the sites rather than just the map.

Triposo Travel Belt

QR tie

Men, worry no longer about not having enough business cards on you when you’re off to a meeting – just make your tie your business card! That’s what the folks behind QRTie are suggesting.

QRTies are high quality silk ties with QR codes printed on the reverse. Instead of handing out business cards, get colleagues to snap your code instead.

Out for post-work drinks and want to give someone your number? Get them to snap your QR tie instead! – Far more memorable than a number scribbled on a napkin.

The QR codes can be personalised to direct people wherever the user wants. It can send people to a website, a Facebook profile, a YouTube video; whatever you fancy!

QR Tie

Wi-Fi hat

Often wondering where you can get Wi-Fi in public places? Well with the Wi-Fi detecting hat you don’t have to wonder.

This baseball hat detects 802.11 b/g/n signals and the panel on the front uses LED lights to display network availability and the strength of the connection.

The issue of course is that you can’t see the top of your head, so to check whether there is a Wi-Fi connection or not, one must keep taking the hat off to check it.

Sceptics may therefore question the need of such a hat, as if you have to keep taking it off to check, you might as well just check your smartphone. But of course, that would simply be just not as fun as a Wi-Fi detecting hat.

Wi-Fi Detector Hat


Many items of women’s clothing do not have pockets, which makes carrying a mobile phone awkward. Mobile phones are bunged into handbags with other bits and bobs, so when the phone rings, there is much rummaging in said handbag and calls can missed if the phone is not located in time.

This new piece of wearable technology makes sure your phone is always on you. And by on you I don’t mean close with you, in your pocket, I mean quite literally ON you.

The M dress from CuteCircuit is a LBD like no other. The dress is a mobile phone.

An antenna is concealed in the hem and behind the label is a SIM card slot, so the dress can operate with your usual mobile phone number.

This dress has built in motion sensors with gesture recognition software, so there are no buttons to press. All actions are performed with a movement of your hand. To answer the phone or to make a call just lift your wrist to your ear and to hang up, lower your hand again.

Only issue is, to have this phone-free experience all the time, you would have to wear this dress every day, and thus be subject to a fashionista’s worst nightmare: ABW (already been worn).

'M' Dress


As this article is being published, it has just been announced that Sony has filed a patent for a SmartWig, which could collect information such as blood pressure and pulse. It could also be used for navigation, by way of vibrating plates, similar to the Travel Belt – although I can’t help feeling vibrations on your head is just a step too far and a bit headache-inducing.

The SmartWig can also contain a video camera to allow for hands free filming, and could also be used to provide the location of the wearer to a remote user.

The wig can also be useful in the office. With a mere raise of an eyebrow, the wearer could allegedly change slides in a presentation!

Sony claim the wig will be extremely popular both as a “technologically intelligent item and a fashion item” – the latter of which may be slightly questionable to those of us that aren’t Lady Gaga. 

SmartWig Patent Illustration

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Written by Isabelle Barker

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