Wearable Technology - The Next Trend

Wearable Technology

The age of wearable technology is now upon us, long gone are the days of dreaming about wrist worn pieces of tech. We're even seeing face worn pieces of hardware hitting the consumer market over recent times.

The old trend of handsets becoming smaller went out a long time ago with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and its 5.1-inch display becoming the norm so can smaller wearable technology really take off?

So when you compare mobile phones should compatible wearable technology be something you consider?

Well it would seem many manufacturers believe it can and a number of the big players have already begun working on their own wearable gadgets such as watches, healthcare devices and of course one of the most talked about, Google Glass.

So what can we expect from this trend?

Google Glass

Google Glass has caused a rather mixed reaction within the technology industry with many believing Google is leading us to the next exciting step in wearable tech, whilst others think the monitoring and possible security issues of the device could lead to privacy issues.

The functionality of Google Glass allows you to take photos, record videos and get directions with voice commands it also allows you to share your pictures and activities on social networks. The device can also search, translate and send messages all using voice commands.

Smart Watches

The Apple Watch will be Apple's first entry onto the wearable market

The mobile phone smart watch has appeared before, although it didn't score big on sales due to models being rather chunky and cumbersome and only able to offer limited functionality.

Now with technology getting ever smaller and battery technology improving Smart Watch products of the future should be even more compact and offer more features users want.

Apple recently announced its take on the kit with the Apple Watch, which won't be hitting our wrists until 2015, whilst Samsung and Sony have already made respectable efforts.

The Moto 360 is arguably the best looking smartwatch we've seen so far, and the way it integrates with the Android Wear operating system makes it as exciting as ever. Hopefully this is something we will see develop over the coming years.

Fitness Bands

Health and fitness enthusiasts have long embraced technology to help them keep a track of their fitness and progress and things have moved on a bit since the first lowly pedometers were released.

The latest trend in fitness wearable tech is the fitness band. There are a number to choose from with the Nike Fuel band, Jawbone Up and the Fitbit Flex to name a few.

Each of these devices aims to be much more than a simple gadget to count your steps with the ability to set daily goals and see how you are progressing through the day.

The devices are usually linked to an app where you can see your activity and progress on your mobile phone and can manage future goals.

The trend of technology moving on to wearable devices is set to continue from a t-shirt that can charge your mobile phones battery to heart monitoring sports bras there seems to be someone out there who will weave technology into just about anything.

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Fitness bands are an established piece of tech now

So the future of your mobile phone could be that you will no longer be carrying it around with you, but wearing it.

Have you used a smart watch or fitness band? Do you like the idea of Google Glass or are you worried about possible privacy issues? Where do you think wearable technology will go next?

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Written by: Carmel Brown

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