Wearable tech: electronic socks and password-unlocking rings

Wearable tech: electronic socks and password-unlocking rings

Now we’ve all heard, time and again, about how wearable technology is the way forward. We’ve heard about various smartwatches supposedly in the pipeline for Samsung, Apple and Motorola, as well as Google’s Glass, so where else will wearable technology take us?

Electronic Socks

A US company, Heapsylon, has developed a prototype for a pair of sensor-equipped socks that can help their users track their walking habits, including pronation whilst running. The socks transfer data to a band worn around the ankle, which can then be uploaded to a smartphone or computer to monitor the results.

The sensor-packed socks could prove invaluable to athletes, notably runners, who can use the device to analyse their running style and technique which could help avoid injury. The creators have also suggested that the socks could be worn by the elderly to notify family or carers if the user suffers a fall.

Geak Ring

Another device unveiled in recent weeks is the Geak ring, created by Chinese-based company Shanda. The ring uses an NFC chip to connect with a smartphone, and can unlock a device without the need for a password, and can also transfer data from one device to another by simply tapping them with the ring. The device is said to last for over 99 years because it doesn’t need to be charged like other devices.

​Shanda has also developed a smart-watch device which gives users access to a range of apps including exercise tracking and weather forecasts, which it hopes to release to the Chinese market in July. The release of the Geak Ring is set to follow.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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