We don’t talk anymore: Top Samsung Galaxy S4 Deal

Samsung Galaxy S4 Deal

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is proving to be as successful as expected, quickly taking the no.1 sales spot in the rankings.

If you haven’t heard about the Galaxy S4 smartphone then I have highlighted, well the highlights at the end of this article. If you have but haven’t ordered your Samsung Galaxy S4 then below are a few deals that are simply superb.

We don’t talk anymore

Yes it’s true, text messaging, email, Skype and Facebook are all more popular ways to communicate and due to this I can recommend the perfect deal below;

Network – Three

Texts – 5,000pm

Data – Unlimited

Minutes – 500pm

Line rental - £35pm

Term – 24 months

Galaxy S4 price - Free

The true beauty of this deal is the freedom to use the internet, apps and stream music and TV to your heart’s content.

You can order the Samsung Galaxy S4 deal here.

Feeling Orange?

No problem, it is undoubtedly a fact that the Orange network is the only choice for some and so here is a Samsung deal for you.

Network – Orange

Texts – Unlimited

Data – 1GB

Minutes – 600pm

Line rental - £33.50pm

Term – 24 months

Galaxy S4 price - Free

You can order the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Orange here.

Samsung Galaxy S4 highlights

Smart Scroll – An exciting combination of software and hardware that tracks the movements of your eyes to scroll around a page such as a webpage or eBook. Smart Scroll can also pause a video you are streaming should you look away.

S Health – This app will help you track calories consumed and monitor your work-outs. S Health can also monitor your sleeping patterns and check your heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

S Voice Drive – Aside from the GPS navigation this app has a built in digital assistant much like Siri on the iPhone and this can send and read emails for you, check the weather and check your social network updates from sources such as Facebook and Twitter.

S Translate – A traveller’s dream app which via voice recognition can translate a phrase and speak it back in the language of your chosen translation.

Spec Sheet

OS – Android v4.2.2

Camera – 13 megapixels with burst mode

Screen – 5 inches

Processor – Quad-core

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