What Phones Would The Walking Dead Characters Use?

What phones would they use if the Apocalypse hadn't happened?

There are no mobile phones in the post-apocalyptic, zombie filled world of The Walking Dead. It's pretty difficult to maintain mobile towers when 95% of the population are undead. It's too bad though, how many disasters would have been averted if they could just call or text each other?

We're not going to let a bit of reality stop us from speculating on what mobile phones our favourite characters might be carrying - if they weren't being constantly stalked by walkers. Here are our picks:

1. Rick

Rick Grimes would definitely use a Microsoft Lumia 550.

The former sheriff deputy turned zombie apocalypse survivor is a family man. He is always willing to sacrifice himself for the good of his family, whether that is his actual family or the extended group he considers family. He would want to keep in touch, but would probably carry something fairly basic and inexpensive. We're betting his mobile device would be a Microsoft Lumia 550, giving him access to all the apps he might need, but at a great price.

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2. Daryl

Daryl Dixon is such a Nokia man.

Daryl is a no frills kind of guy, he also isn't that concerned with material possessions other than his motorcycle and cross-bow. He would still be carrying his handy Nokia 3310 from 2003. It's questionable whether he would have ever bothered changing the ringtone. But maybe it does come up with a special ring if Carol calls - we will never stop shipping those two!


3. Michonne

Michonne has great taste - she'd go for an iPhone 7 Plus.

Michonne has a great eye for design – she was an art enthusiast in her former life. She would probably prefer to use an iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black because of the design aesthetic as well as the excellent camera. We can imagine her taking selfies with her Samurai sword in hand.

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4. Eugene

Eugene, you liar. Enjoy your Galaxy S7 Edge.

Eugene may have lied about being a scientist, but he's still an incredibly smart guy. More of a thinker than a fighter, Eugene would go for the most technologically advanced piece of kit he could find. He would be carrying a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. He would appreciate the powerful processor and latest innovations.


5. Carol

Carol would be just fine with an iPhone 5s.

Carol is your average, every day suburban mom type. Ignore the fact that she could now kill you with her bare hands, she's so much more than just an excellent baker these days. A brand new iPhone might be out of her budget, so she'd get by with an iPhone 5S. As long as she could film Sophia's ballet recitals and look up recipes, we think she'd be pretty happy.


Bonus Character: Carl

Carl would definitely pester his parents for an iPhone!

Oh Carl, you've come a long way from that wandering whinging child in the early seasons – you only whinge and wander around 50% of the time now. He would have nagged Rick and Lori to death for a brand new iPhone. Rick and Lori were fairly prudent parents though, so Carl would've been stuck carrying his mom's old iPhone 4 until they felt he was responsible enough for a more grown up phone. He'd still complain about it though.


That's it for our picks. What do you think, were we bang on or way off? Tell us what you think on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!