Should you wait for the iPhone 7?

iPhone 6s

Apple has stuck strong to its yearly practice of giving us a new handset to play with each September. This year it was the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus making the headlines, offering up a new way to use iOS 9 via the new 3D Touch feature that was the major addition to the new devices.

But if you invested back in 2014 on the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, is it really worth splashing the cash to upgrade by one mobile cycle? Or would you be better off waiting for a more intense evolution when the iPhone 7 rolls around?

iPhone Specs Improvement

On paper, the iPhone has never really been top of the pile when it comes to its specs, you only need to take a glimpse at the iPhone 6 to see evidence of this. A dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8 megapixel camera and 1820mAh battery are all included on the iPhone handset, but don’t even come close to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and other flagship phones.

Look inside the 6s and you'll only see a couple changes from the iPhone 6

Is the iPhone 6 worth upgrading from? Maybe you should go large with the iPhone 6s Plus? 

Despite this, the iPhone continues to perform like these devices thanks to its Apple chipset and smart operating system. However, whilst the upgrade in specs is notable between the iPhone 6 and 6s – with a faster chipset, larger RAM and improved camera, in practice you won’t be seeing too many differences between the phones.

This begs the question, should iPhone 6 users stay put for another year and opt for the iPhone 7 instead?

iPhone 7 Specs

It’s a long way off, that’s for sure, but it’s expected that the iPhone 7’s spec sheet will make for a more noticeable improvement in performance over the 6s, let alone the older iPhone 6.

An Apple A10 chipset is a nailed down certainty to make its way into the handset, whilst it also wouldn’t prove too much of a surprise to see Apple finally ditch the ‘cosy’ 16GB internal storage option for 32GB on the iPhone 7. This would obviously give potential shoppers a much easier choice when buying an iPhone, as 16GB often proves too cramped for media users, whilst 64GB is normally a bit too pricey.

On top of this memory boost, we can also expect to find a quad or maybe even an octa-core processor make the cut on the next iPhone, something which would give it another notable edge on the 6s.

Will the iPhone 7 offer more improvements than the 6s?

The camera is likely to stay put after the bump up to 12 megapixels on the 6s, but there will obviously be plenty of software improvements made to the lens. Topping all of this off could be a batter close to 2500mAh, which would make it the biggest of its kind to ever feature on an iPhone and would improve the phone’s lifespan day to day.

These expected improvements would make the iPhone 7 a true bump up from the 6s, and give iPhone 6 users a much more justifiable upgrade option, rather than one which is only a slight boost.

The Real Problem with the iPhone 6s…

The biggest niggle many smartphone fans have with all of Apple’s ‘S’ devices is the apparent laziness when it comes down to their design. Sure, it’s fine to keep a phone’s look on the same track, but by not changing a thing, Apple isn’t giving fans any discernible change to draw fans in. Overall, it makes upgrading a bit of a push, especially when you’re expecting users to spend a lot of cash when making the step up.

Not all of us judge on looks alone, but they still mean a lot. But whilst Apple did offer us a new colour with the iPhone 6s (Rose Gold, which is basically pink) and provided us with a new material with the chassis which is less prone to bending than on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it’s hard to claim that the 6s isn’t a carbon copy of the older device – but for these minimal changes.

This is a problem which isn’t helping with potential iPhone 6 upgraders…

The 'Rose Gold' design of the iPhone 6s was one of the only changes...

The iPhone 7 Design

As with specs, it’s near impossible to predict the design that the iPhone 7 will employ. However, as is the case with most new iPhone models which don’t have an ‘S’ plonked on the end of their name, a new look will be included.

Apple rarely disappoints in this area, a quick glimpse at the numerous design changes which came along with the iPhone 6 from the 5s is proof of this. It was slimmer, rocked a larger display and even offered a completely new style, with a more curved approach being favoured.

Admittedly, the iPhone 7 won’t be such an evolution, but it’s sure to be a big improvement over the changes we got when the iPhone 6s made its appearance after its predecessor.

Should you wait for the iPhone 7?

Of course, the decision on upgrading your smartphone is one only you can make. However, if you’ve got the iPhone 6 on contract, it might prove tricky to justify buying your way out of your plan to get your hands on a phone which looks and acts similarly.

This isn’t to say that the 6s isn’t an upgrade on the iPhone 6, but whether it’s worth the money you’ll have to pay as a surplus is another question…

So, will you be planning on upgrading to the iPhone 6s? If so, are you planning on buying out your current contract? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield