Vodafone SIM Only Deals

Vodafone SIM only deals

Vodafone SIM only deals caught the public’s attention last year thanks to a heavy marketing campaign from the mobile phone network itself. Whether it was on the TV, via a TV catch up service or in the newspapers, you would be hard pushed to have not heard of the ‘Keep the phone you love with a Vodafone SIM only deal’ campaign.

You would think that Vodafone had just created a solution to a new gap in the market but this isn’t the case at all. SIM only deals have been around for well over a decade and are available on any mobile phone network.

SIM only deals

Of course you don’t need to go to the network itself to find a great deal and in fact you may find that you get a better deal by using a comparison site. After all, they were designed just for the purpose of finding the best deal across the whole market in one easy search.

SIM only benefits

There are several benefits of choosing a SIM only plan, the biggest of which is a lower monthly line rental. On Vodafone the SIM only contracts begin at £5.50 per month but you can find cheaper deals on the other networks.

SIM only deals

The next big benefit of a SIM only deal is that they are more flexible. You can avoid the typical 24 month contract and instead choose a contract that has a minium term of either 30 days or 12 months.

Further benefits includes the option to keep your mobile phone number and choose either a standard tariff plan with 3G internet access or a plan with 4G internet access should your existing phone be 4G ready.

SIM only deals with a free gift

Everyone loves a freebie and that includes those searching for a SIM only contract, so remember to keep your eye out for deals with a free gift. When searching for a SIM only deal with a free gift, hit the ‘Filter Deals’ button and select the free gift you would like. You can then see all of the deals across all of the networks, where that free gift is available.

Maybe you would like a £50 high street voucher, Fitbit fitness tracker, Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphones. The choice is yours.

iPhone SIM only deals

Tip: SIM sizes have been miniaturised over the years so you need to know which size SIM you need. If you take out the SIM card that you are currently using then you can compare it to the images below to discover the SIM card size you need.

SIM card sizes

Written by: Michael Brown