Top Tools for Mobile Tracking

Top Tools for Mobile Tracking

Looking for apps to track mobile phones for you? Well, that's not a problem with today’s technology. Almost all the leading smartphone app-stores have plenty of such apps available, in both paid and free options.

Looking for a mobile tracking app that actually performs without causing any trouble? Well, that narrows down the list.

Of course, there are a handful of such apps but only a few have the reputation to do what they promise. Following are the top tools for mobile tracking that actually work great.


The app is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phones to download.

Among the services it offers, the app includes common features such as GPS tracking and call recording.

There are also some extensive features like tracking the web browsing history, keeping records of all the media files and messages through the phone the software is installed on. 

It is perfect to watch over kids, keep an eye on the employees through their corporate cell phones and to spot any disloyal spouse or partner acting dubious.

No matter what the cause is - mSpy comes in handy for your every need to avoid a mobile phone being completely non-traceable.


One of the most famous tracking apps on the market, FindMyiPhone now comes built-in to many iPhone handsets sporting the latest iOS software.

Tracking any iOS based device, you can make sure to know just where your iPhone or iPad whenever it's connected to the internet.

Would you use FindMyiPhone?

It's already proven useful in catching thieves, with several high-profile stories linking to the app, which is a must have for any iPhone lover.


This is another star in the world of mobile tracking tools. MobiStealth is also available for all the smartphone operating systems for download; it works well to track down the locations and keeps data of the calls made and received, along with a copy of the entire call log and contacts.

The app is easy to use, yet totally undercover; it can update you on the whereabouts of the target phone’s user in really a subtle manner.


This mobile tracking app does exactly what the name claims: makes spying on other phones, tracking to be exactly, as flexible as possible.

Designed for busy parents trying to protect their children from any misdemeanors, the software is incredibly user friendly.

It does similar things as the previously mentioned mobile phone tracking tools, tracks where the target phone is via GPS, keeps documents and sends notifications.


StealthGenie is certainly one of the top performing mobile tracking apps to be mentioned.

It is great for parents and employers who are always trying to find out what is going on under their noses. It makes parenting and operating a business, even from distance, an easy task.

Since it keeps the tracker updated with the location, call logs, contact list, conversations (via messages, IMs, e-mails) as well as the files stored and shared through the phone, parents and employers can easily see if there is anything unusual or inappropriate going on.


Another one particularly designed for parents, this mobile tracking tool has a high reputation.

Those who are faced with the dilemma of using mobile tracking tools might see it as a controversial measure, but when it is aimed to protect people we care about, it sometimes can’t hurt to know of their whereabouts.

Post by Linda Waters. Blogger, marketing executive at mSpy. Prefers to write about cell phone tracking software, cutting-edge tech solutions and innovative gadgets.

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