Top Five Phone Accessories for Winter

Winter Accessories

Are you making sure your phone has all the accessories it needs for the colder months? We’ve drawn up our list of the top five winter phone accessories for you to see here.

Touch Screen Gloves

Touch Screen Gloves

More of a necessity to an accessory nowadays, with the ever continuing development of touch screens on phones we need gloves that can do the job whilst keeping our hands nice and toasty.

Some pairs can be found for as cheap as 99p online and use conductive threads in the fingertips to allow the use of a touchscreen whilst keeping your hands warm.

More and more styles of these gloves are available, from your standard all black gloves to your more expensive work or fashionable styled hand warmers, no matter which pair you choose they are now vital in the day to day running of your phone in the winter months.

Pocket Heat App

Pocket Heat App

An app that turns your iPhone into a hand warmer, it all seemed like a great idea, until Apple pulled it off the marked amidst fears that it damaged your hardware.

The app worked by maxing out the phone’s CPU, whilst running the GPRS, essentially making the phone work so hard that it became hot. Although the company stated it didn’t damage the iPhone, Apple thought otherwise and thought it best to pull the app before somebody’s phone overheated.

Not to fear though, the Pocket Heat app is back but is now for purely entertainment purposes, displaying a hot looking background whilst not actually making the phone any hotter.

It might not be a genuine hand warmer now, but it might still be worth grabbing if you think looking at something hot will warm you up.

Winter Survival Kit App

Winter Survival App

If we suffer from extended snowfall or blizzards, this app could save your life. The Winter Survival kit is available on iPhone and Android and helps you find your current location, calculates how long your engine will run with the fuel it has, protects you against carbon monoxide poisoning and can even contact the police if you are stuck in your car in wintery conditions.

All you have to do is download the app and it does the rest; it will remind you to check your exhaust for snow blockages if the engine is left running over a certain period of time and even gives you an estimated running time for your car just by entering your fuel gauge level.

If the winter is bad as we are always told it will be, this app could prove the difference between life and death, in theory anyway!

Headphone Ear Muffs

For when you’re not in a life and death situation, these ear warmers are music to our ears. Simply put, they’re headphones built into a set of comfy and stylish ear muffs.

Allowing you to listen to your music or watch your films without having your ears exposed to the elements, the earmuff headphones can be found for around £15.00-£20.00 online and feature several styles to suit any sized ears.

LifeProof Phone Case

The ultimate phone case to handle the harsh winter months, the LifeProof iPhone case is designed specifically to survive even the worst conditions you could come to expect from Mother Nature.

Waterproof up to two metres should the season offer more rain than snow, this phone case features special vents to stop your speakers getting soaked as well as being military tested to ensure it’s shock proof up to two metres too. The LifeProof case also works between -40C to +60C, and offers guaranteed protection from the snow and dirt.

Listed at between £48.00 and £67.00 online depending on what phone you have, this certainly isn’t the cheapest case in the world, but it saves you from causing serious damage to your phone over the upcoming cold season.

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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