Top benefits of pay as you go deals

Pay as you go deals

When it comes to choosing a mobile phone deal, the choice available can feel overwhelming. There is a huge choice of phones as well as deals that they are bundled with. So which one is best for you? Here we take a look at the top benefits of choosing a pay as you go deal.

Why choose Pay As You Go?

These types of mobile phone deals, as the name suggests, allows you to pay as you go. Each time you add more credit to your mobile account this can be used on calls, texts, and data. Each network has a variety of options when it comes to pay as you go mobile offers. When you buy credit you can choose which type of deal you want. You can opt for data only or add a bundle of texts, minutes and data for web browsing.

The top benefits of choosing Pay As You Go include:

  • More affordable
  • Control your mobile spending
  • Keep your existing phone
  • No contract 

A pay as you go deal is often a better option for anyone that uses their phone infrequently. If you only use your phone to send a text or call every now and then, this is the best option for you. You can add a small amount of credit each month. 

With a pay as you go offer you can only use what you have added to your account. Whatever credit you add is what you have available to spend. A monthly contract gives you an allowance of minutes, text and data but you can use more than this if you need to. A Pay As You Go SIM does not allow this so you will always be able to control what you spend on your mobile bill.

Choosing a pay as you go SIM card allows you to use it in your existing phone. If you are happy with your current handset, you can keep it with a PAYG deal. When you order the new SIM you simply put it into your phone and add credit to the account. A contract deal with a new phone included usually spreads the cost of the phone over the monthly rental payments. If you don't want a new phone, a pay as you go phone is a great choice if you don't want to sign another contract.

Choosing a pay as you go deal means you are not tied to any agreement. Current monthly mobile deals are usually linked to a 12 or 24-month agreement. A contract is a commitment to that length of time and does not allow you to change handset during that period. If you did want to change your phone or cancel a deal during the contracted time, there are expensive buyout costs.

Pay as you go is the perfect choice if you have come to the end of your monthly agreement and are not ready to sign a new deal. The flexibility of this type of mobile contract allows you to add credit, choose Pay As You Go bundles and decide to get a new phone later. 

Is Pay As You Go the best choice?

As stated above, there are lots of reasons to opt for a pay as you go phone deal. However, these are not always cost-effective for everyone. If you want the latest flagship phone the best deals are often found on monthly contracts. If you use your phone a lot for browsing, texting and calling you may find your monthly spend is lower on a contract.

You can compare monthly mobile deals to see which one is best for you.

For those that don't spend much time on their phone or want more control on their mobile spending, a Pay As You Go deal is a perfect choice.

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