Top 5 Windows Phone Apps

Top 5 Windows Phone Apps

Windows Phones have had a lot of stick recently with their lack of apps. However, as a true Windows Phone user, I have found 5 great apps that I think everyone should have!

Update: Valve launches the Steam app for Windows Phones

Windows users do you use these apps?

1. 6 Week Training

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To some people exercise is one of the last things on their list of things to do. But don’t worry, 6 Week Training will make sure you never forget!

Start the app with a simple test to know what exercise programme is best for you and after a few weeks, completing an exhaustion test will tell you which programme you need in order to progress. This app has had loads of great feedback and is one to add to the top of your download list!

2. Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor App

This one is for all of the new parents out there! Instead of buying the little walkie talkies, remembering to turn them on and deciding which ones goes in which room, this app will do it all for you! Baby Monitor links your PC and phone with video and audio, so you won’t miss a second of what your little one is getting up to. There is the ability to turn the video and audio on and off according to your personal preference.

Again, this app has had some great reviews, with most users making the most of the app whilst away on holiday.

3. Another Level

Useful AppsFor all the builders out there that always want the best tools for the job, this is one of them.

Even if you only dabble with the odd spot of DIY, I have to say that this app is great for whenever I’m in the need of a spirit.

The app makes your phone vibrate when it gauges that it is level.

Simply download and get fixing!

4. PhotoGridPhoto Apps

When you can’t decide which photo you look best in for a profile shot, or want to display all of your favourite shots in one single frame?  That’s where PhotoGrid comes in. Choose between a grid or high and wide shots, select your photos from your phone’s gallery, and simply insert them into a PhotoGrid.  You can choose the layout, zoom in and out and add boarders. I use this app all the time and it is truly brilliant!

5. Hangover Helper

I definitely think I left the best till last with this one. Hangover Helper is there when you’re not quite sure where you are, or quite how you got there!

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 This app will help you find where you are using the mapping service and give you the option to send your location to someone. You can also go through the photos of the night before to help you re-cap. One of the best features is the damage control; send a message home and either opt for telling the truth, or get a message automatically composed for you. This is a handy app for when you find yourself a little worse for wear and in need that extra help...

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