Top 5 most expensive apps

Top 5 most expensive apps

With Apple and Google battling over how many apps they can churn out into their app stores, there’s more and more competition to keep the cost of apps low. With thousands of apps being offered from both app stores for free, it’s shocking to think that people still pay more than a couple of pounds to purchase apps.

This got me to thinking: what exactly are the most expensive apps? And who are the people paying for them?! It was interesting to discover, though, that all of the top 5 most expensive apps are only available on iOS devices...

VIP Black- $999.99 (£650)

VIP Black, dubbed ‘the millionaire’s app’ is a premium lifestyle app especially for the iPhone. Think VoucherCodes but at the opposite end of the scale; VIP Black subscribers can receive VIP treatment at a number of luxury joints which have signed up to the app.

Downloading the VIP Black app means so much more than any other app, though. By installing VIP Black you become a member to a luxury club aimed at improving your luxury lifestyle. Membership perks cover all sorts of services, from butlers and hotels, to theatres, private jets and personal training!

The only problem is, even if you can stretch to the app’s $999.99 price tag, you have to show evidence that you truly are a millionaire before you can become a VIP Black member. $999.99 (£650) is a great app for businesses working in the hospitality sector. The app, as the name suggests, turns an iOS device, whether it’s your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, into a cash register for use in any business environment.

The app works just as your traditional till would, making payments, taking orders and even completing credit card transactions! All transactions can be viewed in iTunes, and the app’s compatibility with major printing manufacturers means you can print off the day’s takings for your financial records.

Water globe- £149.99

Water Globe perhaps isn’t the most expensive app in Apple’s app store, though it is the most pricy app that offers so little in return for the investment!

As the name denotes, the app is a virtual water globe with various scenes and created within them which you can shake to make the snow and crystals go everywhere.

When an actual water globe can only cost a couple of pounds, and with this app having no real function, I’m struggling to see why it comes with a £149.99 price tag…

Touch chat- £199.99

The Touch Chat app is another useful app available in Apple’s app store that's accompanied by a hefty price tag. The app is designed for people who struggle with basic communication, for those suffering with Autism, Down Syndrome, stroke, and other debilitating conditions in particular.

The app displays a number of words, sounds and activities which users can simply press on to vocalise. You can tilt the iPhone or iPad you’re accessing the app from and the phrase or sentence will fill the entire screen in large letters, making communicating with others that bit easier.

What’s more, text generated using the app can be shared on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as via text message. And while the app does cost £199.99, I’d say for someone that needs it, it’s money well spent.

DDS GP Yes!- £349.99

​Last but not least is the DDS GP Yes! app, which is a perfect companion to all dentists out there. It is essentially designed to help dentists explain dental hygiene and corrective procedures to patients, by presenting visual aids and descriptions of teeth, procedures and potential results of any dental work.

The app is also useful to dentists themselves as it uses audio guides to teach them the best ways to explain conditions to patients without overdosing on technical jargon.

While the app might be useful to the odd dentist working in the health care profession, at almost £350, it’s perhaps not essential to their everyday job. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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