Top 5 Features of iOS 7

Many of you will have been using iOS 7 for some time now, and may be pretty au fait with the new features. However, a few are surprisingly well hidden, and many people are not aware of them.

So for those of you who already have Apple’s latest operating system, or for users who are totally new to it, this overview will turn you into an iOS 7 genius.

The three main swipes

From the home screen three simple swipes help you navigate around your iPhone and access apps and information quickly.

Notifications Centre

Swipe down from the top to access the notifications centre

Similar to the notification centre on iOS 6, by swiping down you can view your alerts, messages and missed calls, but now they are helpfully split into three sections.

The ‘Today’ tab gives you an overview of your day, with the date, the weather and any events scheduled for that day or the next.

‘All’ is list of all your notifications, arranged by app, and ‘Missed’ shows you all the notifications you have missed.

Spotlight search

Swipe down from middle for spotlight search.

Spotlight search used to be hidden to the left of the home screen, accessed by scrolling across, but now you get there by swiping down from the centre of the home screen.

Spotlight allows you to search through your apps, contacts and emails.

Control Centre

Swipe up for control centre

Arguably one of the best new features of iOS 7, this makes accessing the useful tools a whole lot easier.

Previously to edit the screen brightness, turn on/off Wi-Fi, airplane mode or do not disturb you had to go through a series of steps in settings. Now they can be accessed with a simple upward swipe from any screen.

Also in the control centre is the timer, calculator and camera, as well as a torch which was not previously included in iOS. You can also lock the orientation of the page and play music from the control centre.


The camera on iOS 7 now comes with filters that can be applied before taking a photo to give it a cool effect, instead of having to take a photo and then using an editing app such as Instagram to add effects afterwards.

By swiping across when on the camera you can easily change to video, to panorama or to a square photo.

A great feature of the new camera is the shutter burst function. By holding down the on screen shutter button it will take ten photos per second


iOS 6 had a lack of regular time stamps on text messages. It displayed the date at the start of each new conversation, but it was not clear what time each message was sent.

On iOS 7 a swipe to the right reveals the time stamps for every message.

Another useful feature new to messages is the ability to add events mentioned in messages to the calendar. Whenever a date or time or even just ‘tomorrow’ is mentioned in a text, it is hyperlinked and gives you the option to add that event to your calendar.


Siri can often have trouble pronouncing unusual names, which can be fairly annoying, so a great new feature on iOS 7 is that you can correct Siri’s pronunciation.

When Siri mispronounces a word just tell Siri “that’s not how you pronounce [name]”, then Siri will ask you how to correctly pronounce it.

Siri will then give you three options of pronunciation for you to select which is correct, or do it again if still incorrect.

Another new feature is that you can change Siri’s gender, and change from a male voice, known as Daniel, to a female voice: Karen.


Closing down running apps has got easier in iOS 7. Double tap on the home button to bring up a full screen list of running apps.

The app icons are shown as before, but now so is a screen shot of what you were last doing on that app, to make it easier to identify the app and decide if you want to close it down.

An upwards swipe on the screen shot flings it off the page and closes the app down. This feature also makes it easier to quickly switch between apps.

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