Top 5 colourful phones

Top 5 Colourful Phones

The top 5 colourful phones are going to be of great interest to you if you want to let personality burst out. So check out the best colourful mobile phones below.

5. Apple iPhone 7

Apple’s latest rendition of its iPhone gave us a big surprise by beefing up its colour range, which includes rose gold, black, gold and silver, by adding jet black. The high-gloss jet black iPhone 7 (and dual-camera iPhone 7 Plus) couldn’t look more premium and Apple reserved its use for the higher memory versions of the iPhone 7, which includes the 128GB and 256GB variants.

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

The jet black iPhone 7 was created using a nine-step rotational polishing and anodisation process, which makes it almost impossible to see where the glass ends and the aluminium begins. Apple removed the characteristic antenna stripes, which after all have been copied by just about everyone, and this created a more minimalist and futuristic look. 

iPhone 7 deals

At the end of the day, Apple is supreme when it comes to design and they proved that point with the iPhone 7. All that needs to be done now, is to see what the iPhone 8 looks like in 2017.

4. Huawei Honor 8

The Huawei Honor 8, which further refined the experience originally seen on the Huawei P9, made one of the bolder statements this year by going blue. The sapphire blue colouring has been added to the heavy 2.5D glass, which creates both the front and rear surfaces.

Huawei Honor 8

The 15 layer craftsmanship of the glass means that it catches the eye and the glass has been contrasted against with an aluminium alloy frame that has an ultra narrow bezel. The design oozes even more kerb-appeal with its dual camera lens and fingerprint sensor on the back, while on the bottom, the speaker grill has been etched out of the aluminium frame. 

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The Huawei Honor 8 is has the best design yet and best of all, it doesn’t have the high price tag that many other premium phones do.

3. Sony Xperia X

Sony showed us once again that it is possible to introduce colour and not look childish. The Sony Xperia X looks just as refined in lime gold and rose gold, as it does in graphite black and white.

Sony Xperia X lime gold

The Sony Xperia X features a seamless metal back that meets curved glass edges, all in the same hue. Sony goes one step further though, by giving the user a colour matched lock screen and user interface.

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The design of the Sony Xperia X includes a fingerprint sensor that is built into the power key and the camera’s predictive focus makes the deal all that more attractive.

2. LG G5

Resisting the urge to label the LG G5 as rose gold, the pink LG G5 was accompanied by gold, silver and titan (grey) colour variants. The design is characterised by a metal alloy body and metallic frame.

LG G5 pink

The back of the LG G5 looks pretty unique with a swollen camera bump, which is due to the dual camera. The use of 3D arc glass gives a slightly curved look to the surface and further character is given by a fingerprint sensor that is highlighted by a reflective silver rim.

LG G5 deals

The LG G5 has a display that is also pretty remarkable and can generate a brightness of 850 nits, which is equivalent to 850 candles. 

1. LG K8

We leave the bragging rights of the most colourful phone of the year to the relatively overlooked LG K8. Coloured in indigo blue, the LG K8 has a woven back cover that adds both texture and grip.

LG K8 indigo blue

The back of the LG G5 is home to the rigid LG multi-function rear key, which can be used to lock and unlock the phone or adjust the volume. On the front a 2.5D arched glass screen completes the look.

LG K8 deals

This low to mid range smartphone can be picked up for just £7 per month on a two year deal, making it a true bargain buy with style.

Written by: Michael Brown

Feeling nostalgic? Take a look at the five most colourful phones of 2015 below:

5. BlackBerry Passport

The BlackBerry Passport has been embraced by those who love a physical keyboard and after its launch in black, BlackBerry spiced things up a little by giving this professional’s favourite a red paint job. On the front, the keys have a red background with white lettering, while on the back the red casing is accentuated with a black stripe, camera module and BlackBerry logo.

BlackBerry Passport Red

The BlackBerry Passport has a cracking spec that includes a square screen for optimal web browsing and document viewing, a 13MP camera, high capacity battery and BlackBerry OS that has access to Android apps through the Amazon Appstore.

See the BlackBerry Passport Red deals here.

4. Apple iPhone 6s

Just as the Apple colour palette was starting to feel stale, the Apple iPhone 6s Rose Gold popped onto the scene, delivering a subtle shade of pink. There is little evidence of this on the front but the pink colouring sprawls across the back and sides and is accentuated with white lines at the top and bottom.

Apple iPhone 6s Rose Gold

The Apple iPhone 6s introduced the world to 3D Touch where soft and hard presses enable the owner to either Peek at content or Pop it open. The best camera yet on an iPhone is included (12MP) and the aluminium body makes sure that everyone who holds it knows it is a premium smartphone.

See the Apple iPhone 6s Rose Gold deals here.

3. LG G4

LG paired genuine full grain leather with a splash of colour on the LG G4, which is available in brown leather or red leather. Both colours really make a statement and are achieved through a vegetable tanning process.

LG G4 Red Leather 

The exquisite thread stitch that runs down the centre ensures that everyone knows that this is no fake.

LG G4 Brown Leather

The spec of the LG G4 is superb with a 16MP camera tailored towards low-light photography, an 8MP selfie camera and large 5.5” Quantum Display. This Android smartphone has a high capacity 3,000mAh battery, which is wireless charging ready.

See the LG G4 Brown Leather deals and LG G4 Red Leather deals here.

2. Microsoft Lumia 640

Microsoft have been producing highly coloured mobile phones for a time now and that trend didn’t fall by the wayside when they released the Microsoft Lumia 640 range. The sheer vibrancy of the blue and orange used will get you noticed and the colour reaches from the back, around to the sides and finishes in a coloured trim around the screen.

Microsoft Lumia 640 Blue

Perfect for the budget shopper, the Lumia 640 has an ample 5” display, 8MP camera and Cortana digital assistant.

Microsoft Lumia 640 Orange

The best piece of news for potential owners though is that a free upgrade to the Microsoft Windows 10 OS will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

See the Microsoft Lumia 640 Blue deals and Microsoft Lumia 640 Orange deals here.

1. Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony take the crown for having the most colourful mobile phones in 2015, with the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact taking vivid to new levels with the pink and yellow colour schemes. A small trim of colour is visible from the front but the sides and back are coloured to the max. 

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Pink

This Sony phone may be the smallest in out list of top 5 colourful phones, with a 4.6” display, but it packs plenty of power with an octa-core processor, 23MP camera and S-Force Front Surround sound, which gives that Walkman style experience.

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Yellow

The Xperia Z5 Compact also has a fingerprint sensor built into the power button and the Lifelog app, which blends fitness and life-tracking into one application.

See the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Pink deals and Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Yellow deals here.

These may be the most colourful phones but are they the best looking? Find out by reading 'The best looking phones of 2016'.

Written by: Michael Brown

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