Top 3 things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Top 3 things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is perhaps one of the most talked about phones to hit the smartphone market this year (second, perhaps, to the iPhone 5s).

So what is it that makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 just so good? Here are our top 3 things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3:


First and foremost, the one single most notable thing about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is its size. There’s no shying away from the fact that, well, it’s simply massive. And while some people are put off the device because of this very fact, the Note 3’s huge dimensions are exactly what attract me to the phablet.

Although it’s not the largest of Samsung’s devices, the Galaxy Note 3 features a 5.7-inch screen which is almost an inch bigger than most flagship handsets, including the Galaxy S4.

That said, the screen is the only thing that is big about the device. The Note 3 actually only measures 8.3mm thick, which is thinner than most smaller-screened handsets, and gives the phone a really slim-line look and feel.

And the size of the Note 3’s screen is precisely what makes all of the device’s built-in features possible, as you can see below.


The main target for the Samsung Galaxy Note is business users, which is why Samsung has got multi-tasking on the Note 3 down to the tee.

With Pen Window you can open up multiple apps, displaying them simultaneously on the same screen, which is great for multi-tasking.

Rather than having to close one app to launch another, you can simply layer up several apps which can be displayed at once, making the most of the Note 3’s large screen.

Simply draw a box using your S-Pen, then choose which app you want to open up within that box. If you’re updating a spread sheet for work but need to do a few sums, simply open up your calculator app and switch between the two.

Samsung has also built in a series of apps to make everyday life easier. For example, Scrapbook is essentially a Samsung version of Pinterest, allowing you to save your favourite images, videos and articles in your own personalised ‘scrapbook’.

With Screen Write, you can also take a screen shot of any page and make notes (using the S-Pen) over the page. This can come in useful when brainstorming ideas or getting creative with designs.

Last but not least, there’s S Note, which, as the name suggests, lets you write, organise and share your notes and checklists to keep you organised throughout the day. The best thing about this app, which has been improved from earlier editions, is that you can sync it with other organisational apps including Evernote, allowing you to access your notes on other devices.


One of the main factors making the Note 3 so great for multi-tasking is the S-Pen. The S-Pen is the primary feature which makes the Galaxy Note range stand out from all other phablets; discretely located inside the phone’s body, the S-Pen transforms the device from a normal smartphone into a miniature handheld computer-come-notebook, allowing you to take your work with you wherever you are.

The Note 3 has enhanced the opportunities that the S-Pen offers, and Air Command is just one example of this.

By hovering the S-Pen over the screen, you can access five useful features to help you complete everyday tasks. For example, you get launch the Action Memo app-another new app that allows you to write memos which are then turned into actions, such as dialling phone numbers or saving phone contacts.

Using the S-Pen, you can also make notes over any screenshot (as mentioned above), as well as writing messages and emails by hand, using the handwriting tool. The Note 3 can automatically translate your own handwriting into typed text, making it faster than ever to make notes and send messages on the go.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 today!

So there you go; here are just three reasons why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Obviously, that’s not all there is to the Note 3; with a really premium-looking ‘stitched’ faux leather design and a 2.3GHz processor with 3GB of RAM, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 really is the king of phablets.  

And with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 deals starting from just £29/month, it's more than affordable to get one of the hottest pieces of tech around. Alternatively, check out Samsung Galaxy Note 2 deals if you're looking for a phablet on a budget.

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