Top 10 cheapest SIM Only contracts

UK SIM only deals

If you don’t want to upgrade to the latest handset and pay through the roof for it, why not buy a SIM Only contract instead?

With the option of signing up for a 1, 12 or 24 month contract, it is much more flexible than traditional mobile phone contracts.

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So here are some of the best SIM Only contracts for every type of user…

1 month SIM only

These one month SIM only offers that run on a rolling basis and enable consumers with an existing handset to get an allowance of minutes, texts and internet data with almost no commitment.

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Virgin Mobile SIM only

Heavy users will be delighted to see unlimited minutes and texts here on a plan that requires almost no commitment at all. Virgin Mobile is a ‘virtual’ network that now uses the infrastructure of EE to connect its customers. The My Account app can be downloaded to keep track of that hard-to-judge internet data.

Virgin Mobile 1 month SIM card

Asda Mobile SIM only

Asda cuts the price of a SIM only for owners of an Apple iPhone and throws in a healthy allowance for messaging. The supermarket giant is another virtual network and once again it uses EE’s network to offer 99% UK population coverage.

Asda iPhone SIM only

iD SIM only

iD Mobile brings a similar deal to the table as Asda but this time it isn’t just for iPhone owners. iD is one of the newer players in the mobile telecoms market, but there is no need to be cautious as this is a Carphone Warehouse company. There is an iD app that users can download for free and this can be used to see usage and how much of each allowance type is left.

iD SIM only

12 month SIM only

These SIM only plans have been tailored for those who are prepared to to commit to their chosen network for a year.

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Tesco Mobile SIM only

Tesco Mobile certainly doesn’t offer the cheapest SIM only deal and while this surprising realisation is certain to shock, making a 12 month commitment with Tesco certainly pays off. Just take a look at allowances with the plan below. Tesco SIM cards use O2’s infrastructure and customers can earn Tesco Clubcard points on every £1 they spend.

SIM only Tesco Mobile

EE SIM only

EE break into the SIM only market below the £10 per month mark and once again we see a year’s commitment to the network paying off with unlimited text messages. EE is the UK’s largest 4G network and has introduced new innovations, such as WiFi Calling.

SIM only with EE

O2 SIM only

O2’s least expensive SIM only deal mirrors that of EE and comes in just a little bit cheaper. If service is something that you merit then you may like to choose O2, who according to Ofcom have the highest customer satisfaction of any phone provider. Don’t forget to download the My O2 app, for monitoring your internet data.

12 month SIM only deals with O2

Three SIM only

Three offer a very attractive price plan for those who only want to use internet data. The Three network was built to handle internet data and because of this 100% of its customers have access to the internet over 3G.

Top Three SIM only

Vodafone SIM only

Cashback is king on this offer where superb allowances meet a price that has been cut to just a third of its original price, through the cashback offer. Vodafone is currently investing huge amounts of money into ensuring that its network is future proof and, just like EE, it offers Wi-Fi calling.

SIM only on Vodafone

BT SIM only

BT has managed to slash the price of SIM only packages as it reenters the mobile telecommunications market. BT contracts have unlimited access to BT Wi-Fi and with over 5 million hotspots across the UK, this is a network of value for internet and data users.

BT 12 month SIM card

Talkmobile SIM only

Talkmobile has put together a good SIM only deal for Apple iPhone owners with text messaging being the key focus. Talkmobile is a Carphone Warehouse company and runs as a virtual network piggybacking off the Vodafone network.

Talkmobile SIM

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So there you have it, just some of the great sim only deals you can find right here with us! Do you need more information? Why not ask us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Written by: Michael Brown