OS Comparison: iOS vs Android vs BB10

iOS vs Android vs BB10

With one in every two adults owning a smartphone in the UK, there’s no denying that as a nation we’re totally reliant on apps. Whether it’s an app to keep on top of your social engagements, the weather, or even to book your holidays, the smartphone would be nothing without the app.

And as you’ll probably be aware, critics cite the lack of apps as the main factor detracting users from buying a BlackBerry smartphone.

To put it simply, iOS devices (that’s your iPhone or iPad) benefit from having access to the most apps, with Android coming in close behind. However, with the BlackBerry 10 platform being relatively new to the operating system scene (it was only released in January this year), app developers are still reluctant to create apps compatible for BlackBerry’s OS.

But is this really as big of an issue as critics like to make out? Here we try to dispel the myth that BlackBerry 10 users are missing out when it comes to apps...

Top 10 Apps

Android BB 10 iOS BB 10


Battery Saver

2 WhatsApp

4 Pics 1 Song

3 Skype

Screen Lock Free


Candy Crush Saga



Despicable me

Amateur Surgeon 3



Despicable Me


4 Pics 1 Song

Angry Birds








Facebook Messenger

BBC Weather

As you can see, the majority of apps trending on Android handsets currently are very much available on BlackBerry 10 devices. In fact, the majority of social media apps, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as messaging apps including Skype and WhatsApp are pre-installed on most BB Z10 and Q10 handsets. 

Where the BlackBerry 10 OS falls down slightly, as you can see in the table above, is on the game front. Whereas iPhone and Android users enjoy playing on games such as Despicable Me, Candy Crush Saga and 4 Pics 1 Song, BlackBerry devices don't offer quite the same gaming experience. 

But does this mean that BlackBerry isn't as good, or does it offer different variations which fulfil users' great app expectations?

Alternative BB10 apps

Hungry Birds

​OK so it might not be identical to the popular Angry Birds game that's gone wild over the past year or so, but Hungry Birds offers a good old arcade-style game involving, yup, you guessed it, hungry birds...

Candy Blast

Bejeweled meets Candy Crush Saga, Candy Blast is a fun game that can see you whittling hours away popping bubbles! 


​PicStory is a variant of the popular Instagram app, and allows you to jazz up all of your favourite photos. Whether you want to layer fun and colourful stickers over your friends' faces, or frame your favourite scenes, PicStory is a fun addition to your BlackBerry's home screen. However, it's perhaps not a match for the more serious and artistic Instagram app, and might be considered a little childish by some... 

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

The main attraction for many to a BlackBerry smartphone is its in-built BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). A pioneer in smartphone messaging, BBM allows BlackBerry users to send messages, photos and files for free by simply using the phone's internet connection. 

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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