Tips to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

We all start the New Year full of positivity that THIS is the year we actually make our resolutions work! But by the start of Feb 99% of us have given up. Make this really the year you stick to your resolutions with these great tips!

The vast majority of us have phones that share the same basic features that we often take for granted but which can be a great help for keeping your New Year’s resolutions.

One common excuse we all make for falling behind on our resolutions is that we “just didn’t have enough time to do it today”. Simple solution – set your alarm earlier! Many phones allow you to title your alarm, so set it to something inspirational or motivational, or a simple “wake up lazy!” – whatever will make you leap out of bed that little bit earlier ready to tackle your resolutions!

Reminders and alerts are another fantastic feature that can help you. Say you are trying to quit smoking but you are used to your morning elevenses cigarette break. Set a reminder just before 11 to say something like “you’re doing really well, you don’t need that cigarette!” Or for those trying to get in shape, set a reminder for when you come home from work every day to do those 30 sit-ups before you lounge on the sofa.

You can also use the calendar to keep track of how well you’re doing. Mark on the calendar days when you stuck to your resolution, or achieved a goal. Having a visible account of what you’re doing will increase your motivation as if you skip a day it will be right there staring you in the face. It will avoid the overly optimistic recap of the week we all often do – “yeah I went for a run pretty much every day this week”. The calendar will show you exactly when you did it, so no more fooling yourself!

Now obviously here at we LOVE our phones! But sometimes even we have to admit they can be a distraction – a fun distraction, but sadly there are often other things we should be getting on with that don’t involve firing birds at green pigs. So perhaps controversially, one thing you can do with your phone is switch it off! If your goal is to stay focussed, be less easily distracted from your goals, then I hate to say it but switch that phone off! But only while you’re doing that task – I’m not suggesting you go without your phone for long – that would be downright ridiculous! 

Alternatively on most phones you have a ‘do not disturb’ option, so that you can turn off notifications and alerts for things that are not going to be urgent, while you focus on a task.

If you have lots of apps on your phone, arrange them so that you only have the essential apps that will help you with sticking to your resolution on the home page. Keep all the other apps, but keep the time killers out of the way so you are not as tempted to play games when you want to be working on achieving you goal (unless your resolution is to reach level 100 on Candy Crush!)

Another great thing to do is to set your phone’s wallpaper to something inspirational – a picture of what you want to achieve such as the house you are trying to budget your money for, your dream job, a picture of a person with the level of fitness you desire, or a quote to keep you motivated.

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Written by Isabelle Barker

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