5 Times you’re better off pocketing your Smartphone!

Phone in Pocket

There’s a time and a place for everything, whether it’s making jokes, getting overly competitive or even something as trivial as grabbing a bite to eat. Believe it or not, this also counts for our smartphone use as well, with some times better than others to pull it out of your pocket.

But for those of you who are addicted to your mobile phone fun, it’s hard to choose just when enough is enough for your mobile exploits. So to help you out, we’ve collated five occasions where you should seriously consider flicking that silent switch and ignoring your latest notification.


Concerts are better experienced in person, not through a mobile phone...

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Sure, everyone just loves seeing your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter accounts showing off Ed Sheeran’s latest set over and over again…

Honestly, you’re at a concert which has probably set you back a good chunk of your pay packet, why are you ruining it by constantly recording it? If you were going to do that then why not just buy the DVD copy of the show when it inevitably comes out?

Sure, we won’t mind the one Instagram post before and after the show, but assaulting your followers with shaky video clips and blurry pictures isn’t the best idea.

Even some pop stars have been outspoken about fans focusing more on their smartphone screens than the show itself, proving that things have gone a bit too far.


Why not enjoy the sun without a smartphone?

Hooray for you, you’re on your seventh holiday of the year! Congrats, but could you please stop filling us in on your current tanning status or those ‘wish you were here’ posts. Look, we’d love to be there with you, but it’s not very likely the rest of us will be able to skip work and join you anytime soon, so stop making us jealous!

Also, spending time on Facebook and Twitter almost seems like a cardinal sin when you’ve got that sand, sun and surf right in front of you.

Again, this all goes with moderation, one or two pictures won’t be causing an issue, but if you venture into double digit territory you could start being a nuisance. Also, whilst some companies now cut charges for data use abroad, other still charge you an arm and a leg, so you could save some cash as well.

Night Clubs

Clubbing is a time to keep your phone away from...

There’s nothing worse than seeing your mates don their best clothes, just to stand in the middle of a nightclub staring at their smartphone screen. In fact, it almost proves that they aren’t exactly having the time of their lives!

The whole idea of heading out onto the town is to socialise face to face, so you’re doing the exact opposite by getting your eyes glued to a smartphone screen. Unfortunately, posting a Snapchat story doesn’t quite meet the requirements of genuine socialising, so why not put it away unless it’s absolutely necessary?

Ideal reasons to use a smartphone on a night out should be restricted to finding friends who’ve had a bit too much to drink, ordering taxis and taking hilarious pictures of over-exuberant friends. Anything else is a step too far if you ask us!


Some food is fine, but those turkey dippers you love aren't the best addition to your Facebook feed

Okay we get it, you’re very proud of that ‘killer bowl of chilli’ you just managed to create with your culinary efforts. But instead of grabbing pictures of it from all kinds of angles, why not do the natural thing and eat it?

We don’t mind seeing the odd snap of a meal which is truly amazing – suggested dishes include huge pizzas, fancy cakes and anything which packs in over 3000 calories per meal. But, that latest turkey dipper dinner you’ve just pulled out of the oven doesn’t quite get our mouths watering.

Also, during dinner you should be having a chat with your fellow diners, not scrolling through your Twitter feed, why not pocket your phone then, eh?

During your latest TV/Movie Binge…

Just like at the cinema, keep your phone away when watching at home!

So, you’ve just settled into the latest season of Orange is the New Black or Game of Thrones. The last thing you need is your viewing partner to ask you question after question because their game of Angry Birds was more important earlier on in the episode.

Do us all a favour and put your phone away if you’re planning on watching the show, not only because you’ll end up asking questions to keep up to date, but also because your Facebook scrolling will also be a distraction! So in general, you’re better off ignoring your phone throughout the showing, so if something vital pops up you won’t be left guessing!

When else do you think it’s not suitable to be caught on your smartphone? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield