Three reasons why Motorola will be the next big thing

Why Motorola will be the next big thing

Ever since Google acquired Motorola almost two years ago, speculation has been rife over what is expected to come of the mobile phone manufacturer.

But just last week at the D11 conference, Motorola announced various developments in the company, which could well and truly put Motorola back on the map.

Moto X

The mystery Google X Phone has been inundating rumour sites for ​months now, and it wasn’t until last week that the Moto X, a Motorola and Google collaboration, was officially announced.

The exact details of the Moto X were not revealed at the event, though a significant change in the manufacturing process of the new device suggests we will see big things. The Moto X will be 70% manufactured at a factory in Texas, allowing Motorola to maximise the level of innovative and creative efforts that can be put into the device.

Chief executive of Motorola, Dennis Woodside, has made it clear about the direction that he wants Motorola to take. He told the audience of the D11 conference that Motorola will be bringing innovation and audaciousness back into the world of mobile phones, making the Moto X, as well as successive devices, stand out from the crowd.

One such innovation that is alleged to appear in the Moto X is the ability for the phone to gauge where your phone is sitting, thus predicting what its user will do next. This function will be built around a series of in-built sensors, which will be able to detect whether the phone is lying idle on the table, in your pocket, or is in use attached to your car’s dashboard.

Rather than working on gimmicky features, in many ways like Samsung has done with the Samsung Galaxy S4, Motorola is intent on making your phone work for you by automating actions frequently carried out by each individual user. Already present in most Motorola smartphones is Smart Actions, which does exactly that. So with Motorola placing so much emphasis on innovation in its latest device, we can only hope to see a continuation of deep-rooted change which could really revolutionise the mobile phone industry.

Smart watch

The concept of wearable smartphone technology is hardly a new thing, with rumours of Samsung, Google and Apple releasing smart-watches flying left, right and centre. But if innovation is what Motorola is all about, we expect to see a Motorola smart-watch surface here first.

​​​A patent for a device designed to be worn on the wrist has been filed by an unknown company, believed to be Motorola. Again, while the patent itself doesn’t give much away about the exact details of the smart-watch, it has been suggested that the Motorola-built device will be marketed as an alternative to Google’s Glass.

While some rumours claim that the smart-watch is still in its early stages, others have declared that a prototype of the device has in fact already made its way around Google offices in the US and UK.

With Motorola having been out of the loop for the past year or so, it would seem that the company has the least to lose by being so audacious in launching the first smart-watch coming from a major mobile phone manufacturer.

Password Pills and tattoos

At last week’s D11 conference it also emerged that Motorola is onto something really special when it comes to technical security. While Apple is said to be introducing fingerprint scanning in the iPhone 5S and Google developing its Face Unlock feature, Motorola seems to be going one giant step further by offering passwords in the form of tattoos and ingestible pills.

It might sound like something out of a James Bond movie, but using your body as a password is apparently where the future’s at when it comes to internet and technical security. The tattoo is semi-permanent, lasting up to a week at a time, and uses antennas and sensors to securely unlock mobile phones and laptops.

Alternatively, Motorola has developed ingestible pills that can send out a signal which would enable you to do the same thing. The pill will be activated by your stomach acid, and essentially turn your entire body into an authentication code.

Motorola might be taking wearable tech to a whole other level, but it is surely a development that we should all wholeheartedly embrace? 

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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