20 Things Which Last Longer Than an iPhone's Battery

Why is this always happening?

Here’s the thing: we love our iPhone just as much as the next Apple addict, but there are still a certain number of things we find completely infuriating about it. It’s way too big for our tiny little hands (and we’re forever thankful we talked ourselves out of getting the Plus model – there’s no way our thumb would have reached even the second row of apps!), we live in constant fear of the screen shattering, and the fingerprint scanner only works about once in every eight times.

But the absolute worst thing about our beloved iPhone is without a doubt the battery life. Or rather, the lack of battery life – forcing us to carry around an extra charger just in case our phone decides to die before the work day is over. (Which, let’s be honest, is probably every other day.)

Here are 30 things which last longer than an iPhone’s battery!

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1. A Lord of the Rings marathon

Totalling at 9.2 hours – and that’s not even the extended edition –, your phone is sure to die before the ring is destroyed.

2. A Harry Potter marathon

“Yer a wizard, Harry.” 19 hours later, Voldemort has been defeated, and your iPhone is lying lifeless on the sofa next to you.

3. A Monopoly game

Are we the only ones who can take a whole week to finish a game? Is that just because we’d rather die playing Monopoly than ever lose?

4. The longest Quidditch match ever

According to Oliver Wood, it lasted for three months. You’d have been phone-less for a while. (And we’ll stop with the Harry Potter references now.)

5. The world’s longest kiss

Somebody pass them the Vaseline – a Thai couple broke the Guinness World Record for the longest kiss ever by locking lips for over 58 hours.

6. The world’s longest abdominal plank

Our abs hurt just typing this. Earlier this year, a Chinese man stayed in a plank position for more than eight hours!

7. A good night’s sleep

The best 8-to-10 hours of our life.

8. Britney Spears’ 55-hour marriage

2004 were simpler times… And iPhones were still 3 years away from being released!

9. The 10-hour version of any viral Internet video

We’re not sure why you’d want to do this to yourself, but each to their own.

10. A flight from London to Miami

Thank God for airplane movies. (Not really. Airplane movies are always terrible.)

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11. A music festival

We’re thankful for charging stations.

12. A season of Game of Thrones

Who cares about texts when there’s so many beheadings happening?

13. A stag do in Magaluf

Let’s face it, you’ll probably lose your phone on the first night anyway.

14. Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage

That’s why Kim still uses a BlackBerry.

15. A traditional Indian wedding

Three days of cakes, dancing and flowers? We want in!

16. A car ride from London to Edinburgh

Your phone will probably die somewhere around Leeds.

17. A dance marathon

The world’s longest? 123 whole hours of dancing. That’s FIVE DAYS.

18. The time it took Sylvester Stallone to write the script for Rocky

It took him three days. We’re not sure if this is a reflection of his talent as a writer or of the quality of the script.

19. A pint of milk

It won’t spoil for days in the fridge – unlike your iPhone’s battery. (Please don’t put your phone in the fridge.)

20. The battery life of literally any other smartphone

And let’s not mention feature phones, because we’ll actually start crying.

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