The Best and Worst Smartphone Manufacturers

Choosing a Phone

Mobile phones are great pieces of tech, offering ways for us to communicate with one another and creating ways for us to use the web on the go. But with each phone comes a number of questions; How much does it cost? How powerful is it? Can it take good pictures?

All of these questions boil down to whether the phone is actually any good or not, and this – more often than not comes down to the mobile manufacturer who made it. But which smartphone brands are the best? We take a look at many of the biggest names in smartphones to let you know.

Of course, we understand that all manufacturers are valued, so we’ve decided to put this into categories to help you pick the manufacturer for you.

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The Most Powerful Smartphones: Samsung

Is the Galaxy S7 the most powerful phone ever made?

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If you’re after a phone that really stuffs the spec sheet, then you need look no further than one of the flagship Samsung devices which grace the market on a yearly basis.

The likes of the Galaxy Note line-up always bring some serious power to the fray, whilst the Galaxy S7 is the latest non-phablet phone off the Samsung conveyor belt. The S7 is arguably the most powerful phone on the planet as we write this, with a Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB RAM and an octa-core processor – so if you needed evidence of Samsung’s work, then there you have it.

The Best Smartphone Features: LG

No features quite match up to the LG G5's batch that's on offer

LG G5 Info

Smartphones aren’t all about pure power. In fact, if you had a phone with just power and no features, it might prove pretty pointless. One such manufacturer which is well-known for producing smartphones which pack some of the best features is LG.

The latest phone to prove this is the recently launched LG G5, which is the first mainstream modular smartphone to hit the market. It allows for users to swap out the bottom section of the phone for a new battery, or one of LG’s ‘Friends’ which include a smart camera module and improved audio system. So if you’re after smartphone features, LG could be the way to go.

The Best Looking Phones: HTC

HTC is great at designing smartphones, the One M9 is proof of that...

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What good’s a phone if you can’t show it off to your mates without ridicule? Sure, powerful specs and decent features are good, but if the phone looks like a brick covered by cheap plastic, it won’t be winning many fans.

HTC is one manufacturer that definitely puts looks first, producing plenty of beautiful devices for us smartphone fans to drool over. The HTC One M9 was no different, as was the case with the A9 – in fact pretty much every HTC phone rocks an absolutely stunning design, so if you like to show off the best looking phone in your pocket, buy a HTC phone…

The Best User Experience: Apple

An Apple a day keeps the bad UX away...

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If you’re after one of the easiest phones to pick up and play with on the fly, then Apple is the best manufacturer for you. Ever since the launch of the first iPhone, user experience has been at the forefront of Apple’s mind, making its devices some of the most popular ever made.

The latest product to really show off this brilliant UX is the iPhone 6s, which arrived alongside the iPhone 6s Plus back in September. Both phones include features like 3D Touch, Touch ID and iOS 9, all of which are arguably some of the most user-friendly features we’ve seen from any mobile manufacturers. Simply put, if you’re after a smooth ride, give an iPhone a go.

The Best Camera Phones: Sony

Is Sony's camera prowess on show with the Xperia X?

Sony Xperia X Info

If there’s one thing Sony knows, it’s cameras. Having a storied past in the camera market, Sony translated its technology right onto the smartphone market to make its phones the best you’ll find in terms of photography.

You only need look at the latest Sony Xperia X Performance to find out just how good the cameras are on Sony devices. Rocking a 23 megapixel rear lens and a 13 megapixel front facer, the X Performance makes most other phones look average at best on the camera front. Plus, with plenty of Sony features to make the camera even better, you can’t go wrong with a Sony smartphone lens.

The Best Value for Money: Huawei

If you fancy saving cash, opt for Huawei...

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Sometimes (or most of the time) our budget takes favour over what we actually want in a phone, and if that’s the case, you’ll struggle to find better value for money than a Huawei device. You might sacrifice some specs and premium design with lower end devices, but as a whole you’ll end up saving plenty of cash as well.

There’s money to be saved across the Huawei line-up as well, with phones like the P8 proving great flagship deals, whilst Huawei Ascend handsets always prove to be cheap and solid investments. So, if you need to watch the pennies with your next smartphone investment, Huawei could be the manufacturer for you.

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Written by Luke Hatfield