5 People Who Will Inevitably get the iPhone 6s on Launch

iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s launch is well and truly upon us, getting plenty of Apple fans giddy with excitement and anticipation. However, as with any Apple launch, its demand is likely to overshoot its supply, leaving many of us waiting for the company to replenish their stock.

However, there are always a select few stereotypes who inevitably end up getting the new iPhone on launch every year, much to our dismay…

#1 – The Apple Addict

Apple addicts always get the iPhone on launch!

All of this person’s electrical equipment has got that distinctive Apple logo plastered on its back side without exception. They’ll often be seen listening to their iPod Classic, doing work on their Macbook and handling calls through an iPhone, and will let you know time after time about their latest gadgetry.

They treat non-Apple fans as if they have the Bubonic Plague and regularly ask shop assistants if they accept Apple Pay. If they don’t, they’ll seriously consider taking their custom elsewhere, purely to appease their undying love for Apple products. These are often the people to post proud pictures of their new Apple iPhone on Facebook, taunting those of us who aren’t addicted enough to invest right away.

#2 – The Queue Master

Time to join the queue?

This is the person in your group who looks as though they survive of just a couple of hours sleep each night, mainly because they stay up regularly and queue for hours on end just to get access to the latest goods before anyone else.

A good night out for this person involves going to the nearest Apple Store days ahead of launch with a sleeping bag, a freshly stocked iBooks app and a backpack filled to bursting point with crisps and drinks. Don’t expect to see this person for a few days afterwards either, whilst they catch up with sleep and sit in bed cuddling their new smartphone…

#3 – The Serial Upgrader

Fancy upgrading from the iPhone 6 already?

Are you planning on upgrading your handset? Maybe you should take a look at the new iPhone 6s right here! 

This is the most patient person on our list. Their contract ended months ago, but they’re so determined to get their hands on the latest iPhone that they’ll willingly wait with a deteriorating smartphone simply to get it on arrival.

You’ll normally find this person moaning about the quality of their current handset and constantly keeping note of their upgrade date. Days ahead of launch, they’ll have their phone practically taped to their head as they wait on hold to their network in an attempt to knock down the price of their upcoming deal.

#4 – Moneybags McGee

There's always one person who can afford one of these...

The one person on your Facebook feed who always seems to have something new. Be it a car, house, holiday or iPhone, this person is made of money and enjoys spending it.

They often look down at other Apple shoppers like peasants and almost always opt for the shiniest gold colour option they can get. They also invest in the largest memory option they can find as well, and are likely to also spend a fair amount of cash on a host of accessories including chargers, cases and extra insurance.

#5 - The Dropper

You have to feel for this guy. After waiting for hours on end and saving up their monthly pay to be able to afford the new iPhone, they can finally get a hold of their desired handset. But, upon opening the box, it then leaps from the packaging and quickly makes a bee-line for the cold, hard concrete.

Everything goes into slow motion as the phone approaches the ground, completely helpless as everyone watches on in fear. The tension is palpable after the phone hits the floor, typically lying face down to mask the damage which has been done.

After revealing a freshly scratched display or smashed screen, the dropper falls into a reclusive state to help care for their new handset, which lasted all of five minutes before being tarnished.

So, are you planning on getting the iPhone 6s when it launches? If so, which of these guys or girls are you likely to be? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield