Sony Xperia T3: a mid-range smartphone with flagship specs?

Sony Xperia T3

They say that a picture says a thousand words and today I find myself with awful lot to say about the new Sony Xperia T3, which has me drooling over its design!

I will make no excuses for going overboard and presenting you with a ton of pictures of the Sony Xperia T3 and if you like your tech like I do then you will really appreciate these.

Xperia T3

Pegged as a mid-range smartphone, we ask if the Xperia T3 has a flagship spec, so let’s break it down and find out starting with the design. 

Sony design

Wrapped in a stainless steel frame this mobile phone weighs in at 148 grams, which feels pretty light in the hand and the slimline body is only 7mm thick.

Sony Xperia T3 design

It’s attention to detail that really makes for a quality look and Sony has applied its craftsmanship to achieve just this, right down to the etched aluminium power button which sits within the stainless steel surround.

aluminium power button

This Sony smartphone will be shipped in either black, white or purple, which are colours we have seen throughout the Sony range in recent times.

Xperia T3 colour range

The screen may not stretch from edge-to-edge like some of the latest flagship devices but the coloured trim does offer sharp angled edges which give a distinctive look.

Sony display

Using technology from the Sony TV range, the Xperia T3 will shock you with bright colours in every shade. The 5.3” HD TRILUMINOS display is sized to compete with any flagship phone and offers a 720 x 1280 pixel resolution.

We have seen TRILUMINOS technology on Sony mobile phones before but you may not have heard about this as it is unique to Sony.

Xperia T3 HD display

This innovative technology delivers a significantly wider colour range for a vivid viewing experience that will blow you away. Skin tones look natural and seascapes appear more vivid as hard to reproduce reds, emerald greens and aqua blues are created.

There are 4 more enhancements provided by the BRAVIA Engine 2 software which analyses content type and adjusts the image accordingly:

1. Contrast enhancement - To make details in video and images really stand out the BRAVIA Engine makes the darker parts slightly darker.

Contrast enhancement

2. Colour management - The saturation of colours in specific ranges are increased for deeper and more vivid imagery while skin tones are reproduced exactly as seen by the naked eye.

Colour management

3. Noise reduction - Distortion can be a problem when streaming low-quality video online from the likes of YouTube and the Xperia T3 tackles this by reducing noise frame-by-frame.

Noise reduction

4. Sharpness filter - By enhancing the edges and contrast without increasing noise the T3 displays heightened detail.

Sharpness filter

Sony Camera

The Sony Xperia T3 comes with an 8MP camera, and yes, we have seen higher-rated cameras on the very top-of-the-range flagship devices but those come at a cost!

There are several technologies included in the camera element of this phone and these include Exmor RS for mobile, a next generation BSI light sensor and HDR for both still and video capture.

Exmor RS

Combined these technologies help deliver excellent results even under difficult lighting situations. The Superior Auto turns HDR on and off as needed through the automatic recognition of 36 scene types.


HDR is pretty clever as it basically captures multiple shots at varied exposures and then merges those together to make one optimised photo that looks natural even in tricky back-lit conditions.


Also included in the camera package is:

  • SteadyShot for achieving smoother pans even in 1080p HD video.
  • Social Live for broadcasting your special moments on Facebook in real-time.
  • Timeshift Burst for capturing 31 frames in 2 seconds allowing you to choose the perfect result.
  • Portrait Retouch adds styles to your subjects even before you take the shot.
  • AR Effect for adding amusing animations to photos and video. 

The secondary video calling / selfie camera is firmly placed in the mid-range market at 1.1MP and this is probably the one element that doesn’t match up to the leading flagship devices that in recent times have shown off 5MP secondary cameras.

Xperia T3 video

Sony Performance

The Xperia T3 does not let you down in this department with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.4 GHz quad-core processor that handles multitasking, web surfing with shorter load times and lag-free video streaming.

The processor is also pretty green as it powers up and down each individual core to release performance when needed whilst saving the battery when it isn’t.

The Sony Xperia T3 is an Android v4.4 powered smartphone, so you know you will be able to download the apps you want and it benefits from 4G internet connectivity for when you are away from your Wi-Fi connection at home.

If you are a real tech fan then you will undoubtedly want to share your media masterpieces on other devices you own.

The Sony connectivity package is pretty extensive using NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to achieve this. You can stream music to NFC enabled or Bluetooth enabled wireless speakers and headphones or “Throw” content over Wi-Fi to your Wi-Fi enabled TV.

Sony Xperia T3 analysis

Personally I would buy a Sony Xperia T3, would you?So returning to our original ponderment; is the Sony Xperia T3 a mid-range smartphone with a flagship spec?

In my opinion it ticks the majority of boxes required to be named a flagship device but that 1.1MP secondary camera may become a sticking point for a population that is currently obsessed with taking and sharing their best selfie images.

If you can’t get past the selfie situation then maybe you should consider buying the Sony Xperia Z2 with its 2.2MP selfie camera. You can view the Sony Xperia Z2 deals here or compare mobile phones side-by-side to find your perfect match.

Personally I would buy a Sony Xperia T3, would you?

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Written by: Michael Brown

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