Sony wants World's Third Largest Manufacturer Spot

Sony Smartphones

Sony has been making waves in the mobile phone industry with a great comeback since purchasing the Ericsson share of the business and striking out on their own.

The company completely revamped the look of their smartphones and packed in all their varying technology with which they have years of experience from their cameras to their screens used on Sony TV's.

The results have been good for the company with their latest handsets outselling previous offerings and the distinctive design seemingly being appreciated by mobile users.

Now it seems Sony has their eyes on a top spot amongst the mobile phone manufacturers with an aim to get over 20% of Android smartphone sales. This would get them amongst the top three in the mobile industry and with a current market share of approximately 7% there is some way to go.

The lofty target was revealed by Dennis Van Schie, Head of Sales and Marketing for Sony, during an interview with the Wall Street Journal and he said the acquisition of the Ericcson share was instrumental in getting them where they need to go with all the technological assets now being developed by the company itself.

He also stated that the best of Sony's TV technology is now optimised for mobile phones and being part of the Sony group gets the mobile manufacturer first dibs on the very latest Sony camera sensors too.

The latest flagship mobile phone, the Sony Xperia Z1, is bound to help them get great results thanks to all the top tech packed into the smartphone and the camera is as good as a stand alone compact camera so we will have to watch this space to see if Sony can really get on the podium in the top three. 

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Written by: Carmel Brown