Smartphones with the longest lasting batteries

Smartphones with the longest lasting batteries

Our article on the smartphones with the longest lasting batteries, aims to highlight the mobile phones that will see you through the day (or two), without interrupting you with a low charge message.

Achieving this has become more difficult for mobile phone manufacturers, as the ‘smartphone’ has become ever more integral to our daily lives. After all, the modern smartphone plays the role of phone, camera, personal assistant, watch, GPS, internet portal, calculator and more.

Battery capacity

Whenever we release a mobile phone review, we highlight the capacity of the battery. For smartphones, this is noted in the unit of mAh (Milliamp Hour), which signifies the total amount of energy that a battery can store at one time.

The higher the mAh, the more power the battery can hold. Let’s take a look at the UK 2017 smartphones with the highest mAh: 

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Battery capacity vs usage time

In the real world, battery capacity alone does not tell the full story. We have to consider that different processors, screen sizes and even screen resolution all impact on how quickly those power reserves are depleted.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 review

Many tech websites have attempted to test and clarify which mobile phones have the longest lasting batteries, through various different tests. However, we prefer to reference the battery usage tests performed by tech website GSM Arena. 

longest battery life smartphone 2017

To attain a fair result, each smartphone has its display set to the same brightness level (200nit). After this the phone is used each day to make a one hour phone call, browse the internet for one hour and playback one hour of video.

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The result is then noted in the number of hours (h) that the phone operates before its battery runs flat.

The results reorder our list to show the smartphones with the longest lasting batteries, when asked to undertake this usage test:

It is clear to see that Samsung and Huawei consistently manufacture mobile phones with the longest lasting batteries. We are also noticing a trend where ‘plus’ models, even with their larger screens, are outperforming their smaller cousins.

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There is also a fair spread of expensive phones and more affordable phones with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and the Huawei Honor 6X, both performing well in the battery department.

smartphone battery life comparison

What will be the trend for the second half of 2017? Higher capacity batteries are certainly on the cards, along with more efficient processors and the more common use of technology that will extend the life of batteries.

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Written by: Michael Brown