6 Celebs Who Work in the Mobile Industry!

Celebrity Smartphone Endorsements

The mobile market is no longer purely based in the tech business sector. With everyone and anyone now able to pick up a mobile phone, smartphone companies have brought in plenty of big names to help push their latest releases forward.

But who are the biggest names that have been involved in the smartphone industry? We’re going to take a look at a collection of some of these celebs that have tried to convince you to pick up a smartphone at one point or another!

Zane Lowe – Apple

Zane Lowe now works for Apple, but what will he be doing?

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The most recent celebrity pick-up by the guys and girls over at Apple HQ – Zane Lowe is packing up his BBC Radio One show for a now unknown role with the iPhone manufacturer.

He’s well known for spotting musical talents in the British industry, with the likes of Ed Sheeran amongst others owing success to him, so Apple may use his talents in a number of ways.

Could we be seeing the New Zealander hosting a new shop on iTunes Radio? Or could he be used in a more advisory role with his musical contacts? Either way, he’s definitely going to be representing Apple from now on!

Robert Downey Jr. – HTC

Do you recall this weird Robert Downey Jr. HTC advert?

One of the world’s most highly-paid actors, Robert Downey Jr’s deal with HTC has certainly been a strange one.

You may remember some of the weird, fragmented advertisements which hit TV over the past few years featuring Downey Jr. However, none of them really explained anything about HTC or its smartphones.

His latest advertisement mentions the One M8 quite heavily however, but still leaves much to be desired. Funnily enough, even though the TV spots aren’t hitting home, HTC is still paying a ludicrous $1 Billion for Downey’s talents.

Alicia Keys – BlackBerry

Did you know BlackBerry worked with Alicia Keys?

Originally drafted in as BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director, Alicia Keys didn’t really help rebuild BlackBerry’s falling stock during her time there (She parted ways with the company in January 2014).

She didn’t really help herself if we’re being honest, as before signing up to the deal, she was known as an avid iPhone user. This was compounded when she sent a tweet from her iPhone one month after signing the deal with BlackBerry.

To her credit, there was little she could really do to turn around the company’s fortunes, which were struggling massively during her time there- and have shown shoots of growth lately thanks to the recent BlackBerry Passport success.

Dr. Dre – Apple

Apple and Dr Dre work together after the Beats company was bought by the iPhone manufacturer

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Having made more money thanks to his headphones than from his music career, Apple snapped up the Beats By Dre company in a $3bn deal – bringing Dre to the company as well.

In terms of input, Dr. Dre is mainly involved in the Beats sector, which continues to sell its highly sought after hardware through the Apple Store website.

Strangely, he doesn’t have a confirmed job title within the company, with Apple simply referring to him by name. As long as the Beats By Dre headphones keep selling, we don’t think he’ll mind…

Justin Bieber – BlackBerry

Did BlackBerry make a huge mistake by not working with Justin Bieber?

Arguably the worst decision ever made my BlackBerry was its decision to let a deal with Justin Bieber slide.

Originally, when Bieber was still an innocent teen heartthrob, the Canadian star approached BlackBerry with an offer of becoming the company’s brand ambassador.

He requested $200,000 and just 20 devices for the deal to go through, but the BlackBerry bigwigs claimed that he’d be nothing but a fad – how wrong they were…

Now, a deal would cost plenty more than that, and probably would have helped BlackBerry avoid its meltdown over recent years!

Steve Jobs – Apple

Was Steve Jobs a celebrity in his own right?

The one person in our list who helped build his company from the ground up, Steve Jobs was the ever present and ultra-charismatic leader of Apple until his death in 2011.

He was a pioneer on the technology market, having creative input in every design ever made by the company during his time there and is a celebrity in his own right.

He wasn’t afraid of ruffling any feathers with his comments either, slating designs which he felt were poorly thought out, and even stating that Apple would never use a stylus.

After he passed away, Tim Cook was the person to take the reins – and has done so successfully as well.

So, there you have some of the biggest names in the mobile market, but can you think of anyone else? If so, why not drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Written by Luke Hatfield

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