5 Advantages of SIM Only Deals

5 Advantages of SIM Only Deals

It might surprise you to learn that SIM-Only contracts are among some of the most popular contracts within the industry.

Whether it’s people looking for a cheap deal, or others who are awaiting the release of a new smartphone, a SIM-Only deal is often the perfect solution.

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So here are just 5 reasons why you should get a SIM-Only contract - and if we’ve already won you over, compare the cheapest SIM Only contracts.

Buy a SIM Only Deal

1. It’s Cheaper

First things first, a SIM Only contract tends to be much cheaper than an ordinary contract which comes with a mobile phone.

The way that networks calculate the cost of your pay monthly contract depends on the handset you’ve chosen; a portion of your monthly charge will go towards paying for your tariff, whilst the rest will go towards paying the network back for the cost of the smartphone itself.

That’s why, with a SIM-Only deal, you can cut out that extra cost entirely, and just pay for the bundle of texts, calls and data that you actually require.

And it might also surprise you to discover that some of the cheapest SIM-Only deals start from just £2.25 per month.

2. You don’t have to Commit

As explained above, this is because you don’t have to pay the network back for the cost of the handset, leaving you free to leave once your short contract is up.Another key benefit of opting for a SIM-only deal is that you don’t have to commit to a 24 month contract, like you do with contracts which come with a mobile phone.

SIM-only contracts can last anything between one month and 24 months, leaving you with the freedom that you don’t get with a traditional contract phone.

3. Keep your own phone

You can switch to the latest iPhone even with the same SIM-Only deal

Got your eyes on the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S7 but tied into your contract for months?

With mobile phone SIM-Only deals, you can hold onto your existing smartphone until your desired handset gets launched, ensuring that you don’t get tied into another 24 month contract with a phone you don’t really want.

Alternatively, if you’re more than happy with your existing phone, what’s the need to upgrade? Simply put the SIM-Only SIM card into your existing phone and continue to use your minutes, texts and gigabytes of data as usual, compare sim only contracts saving you those precious pennies.

4. Easier to pass a credit check

Have you ever been turned down for a mobile phone contract because of a poor credit rating? Because you’re not hiring a mobile phone handset from your network, you are considered a low risk candidate. Therefore, passing a credit check for a SIM-Only contract are easy and hassle free.

Of course, opting for a SIM-only plan doesn't guarantee that you'll pass a credit check, so if you'd like information about how to improve your credit rating, click here.

Bad Credit Smartphone Deals

5. Shop around for deals

Last but not least, a perfect reason to go for a SIM-Only contract is that it allows you to shop around for deals.

If your needs change on a regular basis, meaning you need more data some months and more minutes another, a SIM Only deal allows you to swap and change far more easily that an ordinary phone contract.

It also takes out the hassle of comparing mobile phones; if you want, for example, to compare the best SIM Only deals with unlimited internet, it’s much simpler to discover the best deal as the cost of a handset is being taken out of the equation.

Still interested? Take a look at some of the top 10 cheapest SIM Only contracts here.

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel