Five Ways to Save Cash on your Mobile Contract!

Save Cash on your contract

When times are hard, the last thing you want to worry about is taking on that preposterously large phone bill at the end of the month.

So, when your contract is up, how should you go about saving some cash with your next deal?

Shop Around!

This is one of the soundest pieces of advice when it comes to buying anything. If you can find something for less in a different store or different website then why not buy the cheapest option?

Normally retailers will offer different deals for new customers or on different handsets, so you’re always better off taking a look at your competition. Plus, if your current network knows you’re looking at other retailers, it will likely try and knock down its price to keep you with them!

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You should shop around for the best deal you can find!

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Barter! Barter! Barter!

Shopping for a smartphone contract isn’t like going to the supermarket for a bottle of milk; in fact it’s a whole new kettle of fish. If your contract is ending, you have plenty of leverage to use with your network so use it in your favour.

By simply chatting with your network over the phone (not in-store as shop assistants can’t make too many deals), you can easily knock down the cost of your handset or up your tariff without any price hikes.

If your network isn’t budging, do your homework and reel off some competitors’ prices over the phone, they’ll most likely match them or even beat them if they think you’re leaving. If they still don’t go for it, ask them for your PAC code (the code which you need to transfer your number), they’ll change their tune when they realise your being serious about switching.

The key thing is to sound confident, remember, they need your business, you don’t need theirs!

Grab Some Cashback

A great way of getting a cash injection with a new contract is by getting a cashback deal. This means that when you take out the contract, the company will actually give you money, either up front or in increments.

Make sure you don’t get fooled though, the network might up their monthly plan for a cashback based deal, so make sure you consider these deals carefully. Also, cash by redemption deals should be taken seriously as well, as most networks have strict policies about how and when to claim your cash.

Getting a few quid back from cashback is always a good way to get some money.

Try Sim-Only Deals

If you like your current phone and don’t need a new handset, why not consider investing your cash in a sim-only plan? They often cost way less than your phone inclusive deals and can boast brilliant tariffs as well.

As you won’t be paying a monthly handset charge, you shouldn’t expect to pay an more than £18/month for a decent 4G tariff. Just remember that you’ll have to buy a new phone up front if you do have a change of spirit, unless it’s a monthly rolling deal, which are good options on sim-only plans.

Get an Older Phone (or Wait)!

The most expensive mobile contracts are always those based with brand new flagship phones. So, if you need to save a few quid every month, you might be better off getting an older device.

Of course, if your heart is set on a certain smartphone you can always wait for it to drop in price, but you could end up waiting a while for that to happen. If you’re heading towards Christmas you might be able to grab a cheap deal on a newer phone, but remember, the longer you wait, the cheaper it will get!

But, if you do decide to wait, it's likely that you won't get a chance to play with some of the best phones of the coming year!

Older phones always cost less, so it might be worth picking one up to save some money

So there you have it, those are just five ways to save yourself some cash with a new mobile contract. If you follow these tips, we can guarantee that you’ll be paying less each month than advertised in the shop window.

Just make sure you stay confident and keep your ear to the ground, because if you rush into a deal, it’s likely that you might see a cheaper one when it’s too late.

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