Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumours

So, there’s been plenty of new phones grace us with their presence over recent months, offering up powerful specs, beautiful designs and top quality features. However, it seems that we’ve forgotten about one of the biggest upcoming launches of the year, as Samsung prepares to wow the crowds with the launch of the Galaxy S7!

But what can we really expect to see from Samsung with its next flagship smartphone? Will it offer up a serving of spec based brilliance? Or could it target the flashy fashion market? We take a look at all of the rumours surrounding the phone here!

Update - New Leaked Picture Shows Back Design

This is the first real photo leak for the Samsung Galaxy S7 - and we're pretty excited. We can take a close-up look at the handset's curved glass back, which boasts an almost-flat camera lens.

Leaked picture shows the back of the phone

Update - No Galaxy S7 Edge+ for UK customers

We've now heard that Samsung are planning to launch the Galaxy Note 6 in the UK later this year. The company apparently decided not to launch the S7 Edge+ in this country - maybe ever.

The reason for this decision is thought to be due to the backlash Samsung received last year when they opted to launch the Galaxy S6 Edge+ instead of the Note 5.

The S6 Note is expected to be released in August this year, while the launch date for the Galaxy S7 has finally been announced officially:

Update - Launch date confirmed by Samsung

We finally have a confirmed release date! Just like we thought, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be unveiled at MWC 2016, on the 21st of February. The company have been sending out invites to join them in Barcelona for the launch of their latest products expecting to add to the ever growing family of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

However, we cannot say for sure when we'll be able to get our hands on the S7, but we're hoping pre-orders might start on the day of the event – and to receive the handset in the following weeks.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Design will it have the Edge

Thanks to a mistake from Samsung, who listed the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on their website before making any official statement, we can be 99.9% sure an S7 Edge will be launched at the same time as the original. There is also talk of a Galaxy S7 Edge+, a larger phablet version with a 5.7-inch display.

There will be no huge difference in design from the Galaxy S6 – more rounded edges for added sleekness are the only changes we're expecting to see. Pictures have leaked showing the handset's back design.

Some sources also claim that the phone will be made from a different metal (rumoured to be a magnesium-based alloy), making it more resistant.

Galaxy S7 leaked design

Read the rest of the latest news and rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S7:

Say Hello to the Samsung Galaxy S7!

Widely expected to make an appearance at MWC 2016, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is set to be the next flagship flavoured phone from Samsung. If it’s anything like its predecessor, it will bring a top quality spec sheet along with a stunning design which should prove more than tempting for many Android fans.

Is the Galaxy S6 about to be surpassed?

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Inside the phone we expect to see a brand new chipset (possibly an Exynos branded one or maybe the rumoured Snapdragon 820) and up to 4GB RAM. An octa-core processor is a near-certainty, whilst talk of a deca-core processor isn’t to be scoffed at just yet.

The screen will be coming in two different sizes, like most high-end releases nowadays, with a 5.2” version and a more phablet favouring 5.8” version. Both screens will also be extremely sharp, with 4K quality expected on the larger device, whilst a QHD resolution could also make the cut on the smaller phone.

Like the iPhone 6s, the screen will likely boast some kind of force recognition technology, allowing users to access different menus depending on how hard it’s pressed. To cater for this, there is also talk of a stronger glass being brought in for the S7, possibly being branded Turtle glass – although this is yet to be confirmed, this could be used on many upcoming phones in 2016.

Internal memory is likely to start at 32GB, rising up to 128GB for the most media-heavy users, although the jury’s still out regarding the possibility of a MicroSD card slot. So, you may be stuck with the storage option you choose when buying the phone, as was the case with the S6.

Samsung and Sony for  a top camera?

Will the S7's camera be the hit we're all hoping for?

Samsung doesn’t normally let us down when it comes to the camera that it sticks onto the back of its phone, in fact the company normally produces some of its best photography work on the Galaxy S line-up.

However, it seems that Samsung could be working together with one of the biggest names in cameras this year – getting a hand off Sony with the S7’s set of lenses.

There’s talk of Samsung asking Sony for the lens which has made its way onto the Xperia Z5, named the IMX300. It brings top drawer picture quality and fast performance, all whilst proving useful in numerous lighting conditions – making it one of the leading lenses on the market, possibly the launch of the Sony Xperia Z6 will also see the same spec camera.

This isn’t confirmed yet, but it would make quite a change from Samsung’s previous phones, which often boast the South Korean company’s own handiwork in the camera department.

Android Marshmallow - Lile the Google Nexus!

As you might’ve guessed, we won’t be getting any half-baked version of the Google operating system on the S7, meaning that it will be Android Marshmallow making the cut behind the scenes.

Android Marshmallow will be featuring on the S7 for sure, right?

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Of course, the Galaxy S7 won’t be the first phone to sport the OS, with both of the new Nexus phones already sporting the system. On top of this, Samsung’s own Touchwiz user interface is also likely to play a part on the device, giving it a unique feel from the stock version of Android which pops up on most other phones sporting the software.

The features it will bring tend to favour behind the scenes upgrades, but a design change could be on the cards, as will extra multitasking abilities. There will almost certainly be an upgrade to the software when Android N makes an appearance in October 2016 – although it could be a while after this until the system actually appears on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date / Price

As always, we won’t be expecting to pick up the Galaxy S7 on the cheap once it launches. In fact, we’re already saving the pennies for the phone’s launch event, as it’s widely expected to be one of the most expensive phones of the year.

Realistically, the S7 will probably cost upward of £600, but if you opt for the most spacious internal storage option and larger screen, you might see your costs point closer to the £900 mark. Contract mobile phones will obviously be easier to manage in the short-term, but with prices looking to settle at £45/monthly, it won’t be ideal for any bargain hunters out there.

When will we see the new Samsung phone?

Samsung will likely link the launch of the S7 to Mobile World Congress (MWC), which takes place in late February in Barcelona. Samsung will host its own even at the show, and then put the handset on its stall for all to see – but again this is unconfirmed.

If Samsung wants to get one over on us, it could launch as early as CES, which is hosted in Las Vegas each January, but the safer money is on a February or March appearance.

How good do you think the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be following its announcement? Do you reckon it could be the best Samsung ever made? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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