Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8

The all New HTC One (M8) is official so now we can take a look at this latest UK smartphone compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5. So let's see how these two giants of the Android smartphone market stack up.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One (M8): Display

The HTC One (M8) has a 5-inch display and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is packing a 5.1-inch 1080p screen so there is very little difference when comparing the handsets side by side. The slightly smaller screen on the HTC One (M8) means it has a higher pixel density but the difference is not noticeable. Both screens deliver great graphic quality and rich colour so both handsets are on a par with each other when it comes to the screen.

New HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5: Design

The original HTC One turned heads with its beautifully crafted design and the all New HTC One (M8) features the same stunning unibody crafted from a single piece of aluminium with a slightly more curved chassis for a better grip. This is one area where the Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn't quite stack up with the New HTC One (M8) as its plastic chassis isn't quite as premium looking as the New HTC One.

Specs: Galaxy S5 vs HTC One (M8)    

Both of these top end smartphones ship with Android 4.4 KitKat on board so your getting the very latest Android OS whichever you choose. The processor on each of the phones is a Qualcomm quad-core chip with the S5 packing a 2.5GHz and the new HTC One (M8) opting for a 2.3GHz version, the difference in chip doesn't show itself in the running of the phones as both run seamlessly. 

Again both phones are equal when it comes to storage too with both handsets available with 16GB/32GB on board and each having an SD card slot for cards up to 128GB. The battery on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is slightly larger as a 2800mAh cell and the HTC One M8 at 2600mAh and each phone has savvy power saving features to give you plenty of usage time. 

4G, NFC, Wi-Fi and GPS are included on both handsets so all the top connection options are covered and music lovers will be swayed towards the superior BoomSound on the HTC One (M8) thanks to the dedicated amplifier and dual front stereo speakers.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs The All New HTC One M8: Camera

The camera features on both of these smartphones is impressive for different reasons as each manufacturer has taken a different tact with the built-in snappers.

New HTC One M8 camera

The HTC One (M8) sticks to the Ultrapixel lens with a twist as there are dual cameras on the back, one Ultrapixel one and another depth sensor. This allows you to give 3D effects to your images or refocus and blur parts of the image when you have taken it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera specs

The Samsung Galaxy S5 camera is a 16-megapixel affair which can take a snap in 0.3 seconds and includes  a real-time HDR and numerous effects and modes. The camera is also capable of recording 4k video so if you have upgraded to a 4k TV this is worth considering.

The front facing camera on the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a resolution of 2.1-megapixels however the front camera on the HTC One (M8) is 5-megapixels so if you love taking selfies the new HTC One (M8) is the one for you.

So which handset should you choose? As you can see both phones can clearly deliver impressive hardware and camera functions and as with many Android battles the factor of brand loyalty and personal choice will ultimately decide a winner. Personally I think my smartphone should deliver on looks as well as function and for me the HTC One (M8) takes first place as the beautiful design really makes it stand out next to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Which phone do you think should be crowned best smartphone of 2014? Which phone will you be ordering when you next upgrade? Tell us your thoughts by joining the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ or simply login and comment below.

Written by: Carmel Brown

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