Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Vs HTC One Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Vs HTC One Mini

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 having only just begun rolling out, Samsung has hinted that its next release may well be a miniature version of the impressive device. But Samsung isn’t the only one jumping on the miniature phone bandwagon- rumours suggest that HTC will release the HTC One Mini to match the success of its flagship HTC One device.

But how will the two devices compare?


The HTC One Mini (potentially the codenamed  HTC M4) is said to feature a 4.3 inch screen, slightly smaller than the HTC One’s 4.7 inch display. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will also sport a 4.3 inch display, meaning the two devices are set to go head to head in the battle of the best mini phone.

The HTC One Mini will have a dual-core Qualcomm processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Conversely, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is rumoured to feature a quad-core processor (potentially an Exynos processor like the Samsung Galaxy S4) an 8MP camera and will be available in both a single and dual-SIM variations.


As with most of Samsung’s latest devices, we can only assume that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Mini will look exactly the same as the Samsung Galaxy S4, which in turn looks the same as the Samsung Galaxy S3…you get my drift.

However, the HTC One Mini, whilst having the potential to look the same as its big brother, is sure to stand out from most other mid-range smartphones on the market. It has already been rumoured that the HTC One Mini will feature the same aluminium chassis as HTC’s flagship device, making it look high quality and above all, different.


Although the phones’ features have yet to be unveiled, by looking at the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, we can make an accurate guess as to what the miniature versions of these models could look like.


The HTC One has already impressed even the harshest of critics with its style, high quality build and amazing features.

The HTC One is the first Android to offer a live home screen, BlinkFeed, which looks somewhat like the Windows Phone’s dynamic display. BlinkFeed allows its users to have access all apps, features and social programmes on the phone, meaning you never have to divert away from your home screen.

Presumably the HTC One Mini would also sport the highly reported live home screen, as well as the HTC One’s dual-frontal BoomSound speakers, which turn your phone into something of a sound revolution.

The HTC One’s camera is also nothing short of amazing. Despite only having a 4MP lens, with the help of HTC Zoe, you can create moving images, short movies and incredible still shots with no editing necessary. HTC Zoe has really changed what we expect from a smartphone’s camera, so we will be desperately holding out for this feature on the HTC One Mini.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4, while not being revolutionary in design, does offer some incredible never-seen before features.

First of all, the Samsung has boasted its patented Smart Scroll and Smart Pause technology, which automatically turns the page or pauses a video all according to your eye movement. Also, the phone boasts impressive features like its S-Health, S-Translate, and S-Voice Drive apps; Samsung-built applications which turn your phone into a real companion, as the Galaxy S4’s strapline suggests.

Not only that, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 features an impressive camera which could potentially rival that of the HTC One. With a 13MP lens, the Samsung Galaxy S4 beats the HTC model hands down when it comes to specs. However, as we’ve mentioned before, megapixels aren’t everything.

Rather, it is the Samsung Galaxy S4’s camera features which make it one to beat, and the ability to use the front and rear cameras at the same time when taking photos, videos or even making video calls, puts the Samsung right up there. Similarly to the HTC One, the S4 allows you to accompany your photos with short bursts of sound, meaning you can really capture a moment, not just a photo.

So which will be more successful, the HTC One Mini or the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini?

Whilst it is impossible to tell whether either the HTC One Mini or Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will feature any of the same programmes and functions as their big brother models, it seems that both Samsung and HTC would be shooting themselves in the foot by failing to fulfil their customers’ expectations.

The HTC One Mini could offer a real change in the way mid-range smartphones look, offering expensive-looking aluminium casing rather than the plastic chassis we are used to seeing on Samsung devices.

That said, the success of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Mini last year suggests that the S4 Mini could do very well in the mid-range market.

So who knows? What is clear, though, is that Samsung might well see a closer fought battle than it may have ever seen in the mid-range market until now.

Which would you rather buy? The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini or the HTC One mini? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, or to post a comment below. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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