Samsung Galaxy S11 rumours

Samsung Galaxy S11 rumours and release date

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is still a way off from becoming official but that doesn't stop the rumours. There has been lots of speculation on what we can expect from the latest Samsung flagship model.

Samsung Galaxy S11 specifications

While there is lots of talk on what the final model will get we know Samsung has created a 12GB Mobile DRAM. An innovative memory that reads the phone memory faster. As this is out there and confirmed it could be a contender for making it onto the Galaxy S11.

Processor-wise, the new Samsung is reportedly going to have a Snapdragon 865. The processor has been undergoing benchmark tests and has outperformed any other on the market. There is speculation that the battery will be bigger than the previous model. Although that goes for the S11e which will be the 5G version so a larger power pack is necessary.

5G versions will apparently be available so you can decide to stick with a 4G option or go up to the faster 5G variant. The fingerprint sensor is likely to be dropped for facial recognition. 

Samsung Galaxy S11 camera specs

Samsung Galaxy S11 design

As Samsung has announced new 48MP and 64MP camera lenses one of these could come with the Galaxy S11. 5x optical zoom and even hints of a 108MP lens are being discussed as a possibility. While a 108MP sensor might not make it the better zoom is a safer bet. A new Space Zoom feature is in a Samsung trademark application.

It sounds like a general zoom mode but with a focus on getting better night sky shots. So you can capture the stars and moon in much better clarity. There is no confirmation on the selfie lens but it's expected to stick with the notch design.

Samsung Galaxy S11 release date

Samsung has a standard pattern when it comes to releasing new phones so we should expect this one to be no different. The Samsung Galaxy S11 release date will be around February or March of next year. It usually happens around the same time as the MWC. Although there is a suggestion of Samsung getting in before this with a mid-February date.

As for price, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will cost around £900 for the standard model with the previous Galaxy S10 models as a guide. Choosing a higher memory will, of course, cost more. There is also some suggestion of a Samsung Galaxy S11 Lite for those wanting a more affordable flagship model.

Of course, with any big release, there are lots of things that don't come to fruition. We shall have to wait and see at the official Samsung Galaxy S11 launch for the full story.

What do you want to see on the Samsung Galaxy S11? Will you be upgrading to the new model when it launches? Share your thought below.

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